Facebook Video Ads Examples Proven To Win Sales

Alisa Bulybenko, CMO at Billo
May 4, 2020

If you’re selling online, you’re probably running Facebook Ads. When deciding on your next ad visual, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? A nice picture, a well-designed layout? How about a video? People spend five times longer looking at a video than a static visual and 85% of millennials say they’ve purchased a product or service after watching a video, according to Brightcove’s 2018 Video Marketing Survey.

That being said, Facebook Video Ads should definitely be taken into consideration. Here are three inspiring success stories with Facebook Video Ads Examples, how video ads double sales, and win new consumers.

Colgate UK sales boost: Facebook video ads Example

Another inspiring example – Colgate Total toothpaste relaunch. It resulted in brand sales boost by 7.1% in the UK after running a mobile-first video campaign across Facebook and Instagram.

The Facebook case study shows that with the attention-grabbing Facebook video ads got 1.8X return on ad spend for all Colgate products and 39% of sales lift driven by new buyers. Also, their campaign reached 12 million people! Not bad right?

Sales increase with Facebook video ads

A worldwide leading brand in cleaning robotics, Ecovacs increased sales within 3 months with video ads. They used their brand user made videos to personalize ads for each buyer persona on Facebook and Instagram video.

The results speak for themselves: 40k+ targeted buyers reach on an average CPM of $2.88 and doubled sales.

In this Facebook video ads example, not only did they leverage the power of video ads, but also the power of authenticity with the user-generated (UGC), or simply, user-made content. The thing is, user made content generates 6.9x the engagement of brand-generated content. To combine both videos and UGC, you have a winner’s case!

Leads double with Facebook video ads

Another inspiring Facebook video ads example – My English School. This Italian language school chain won twice as many leads compared to their previous campaigns when started with engaging educational Facebook and Instagram video ads.

The Facebook success story states, the campaign resulted in 2X as many leads compared to previous year, 8.5% of leads converted to student registrations and the campaign reached 58% decrease in cost per lead, compared to previous year.

Get start with Facebook video ads

All of these Facebook Video Ads Examples are proven cases of sales and success. Inspired by these examples, our advice here is clear: when deciding on your next ad visual, consider a video.

We’ve talked briefly in our previous blog entry “A Low Cost Marketing Strategy“, that video outperforms all other content types on social media. Now we see how it works when it comes to Facebook ads that win sales.

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