Food subscription service 7Pack hits 9.47 ROAS using user-generated content

High Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) is driven by authentic customer stories.

About the Brand

7pack offers delicious and well-balanced meal subscriptions delivered straight to your door – a healthy and easy alternative already loved by those in a hurry.

No need to cook or meal prep, just unpack your daily delivery of the freshly prepared course and enjoy it.


Acquire new subscribers via Facebook Ads using content created by real customers.


€0.03 average CPE

Low cost-per-engagement with authentic and relatable content

9.47 average ROAS

3X compared to average ROAS across all industries

1.98X higher CTR

Compared to branded content

Top performing content


High ROAS and low cost per result is driven by authentic user-generated social media content.
Created by consumers for consumers – appealing, relatable, authentic.

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