Danone’s users created content beats industry-standard CPM by 3.4x

Danone Actimel’s campaign on Billo transformed their product experience into relatable social media content.

About the Brand

Danone Actimel is a delicious fermented milk drink that represents The Stay Strong Spirit.

Feeling strong is an attitude. It defines what we do and how we do it. When we feel strong, we push our day forward. We fight for our goals and help others achieve theirs, even when things get tough.


Increase social media reach without increasing total Ad spend with brand user-created content.


78 authentic content pieces

A/B testing to find the right creative/targeting fit

3.4x lower CPM

compared to industry-standard CPM

€32 / content piece

Billo all-time average price per content piece

Top performing content


Facebook decreases your costs when the content in your ad is relevant to the Facebook users that see it. To reduce your Facebook Ad CPM, create personalized ads.

Billo helps marketers by creating consumer-personalized social media content to decrease CPM.

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