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  • $500 Billo credits
  • Post-delivery revisions
  • Priority support for a video
  • Valid for 12 months

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We generated over $350K in revenue with a 6x ROAS

We have been able to successfully scale our ad spend without increasing the cost to acquire the customer. I highly recommend Billo to anyone looking to improve their advertising strategy with high-quality UGC videos.

Credit Pack $500 Credit Pack $500
Credit Pack $500
Justin Keller, Founder at The Mixologer

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Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Shannon Webb - Ellis Day Skin Science
Love the video and it's been great to work with Shannon on it. Very straightforward process and super friendly.
Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Toni Ray - Akuwa Skincare
Great quality video and editing. No direction was given but she executed the task and quickly made requested edits.
Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Kiana Liclican - Elixir of Skin
We had a great experience working with Kiana on a video for our products. She deeply understood the value proposition and was able to articulate it well. Her genuine personality shone through in the video, and she was a pleasure to work with.
Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Angel Gordon - SOSS®
Love the personal touch! Looking forward to working with you again. Thank you.
Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Allison Pierre - Sheer Miracle
Great video from this creator. She researched our product and added great details about the product in her voiceover without being asked. Amazing job. Happy!
Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Laura Jane Schierhorn - SR Cosmetics
Laura is so great to work with! She understands our needs, creates beautiful shots, and is so good at speaking in front of the camera. Pleasure to work with!
Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Steve Hardig - NUTROTONIC
Fantastic Job Steve, If you are hesitating to work with him you should go ahead and work with him!
Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Samantha Renshaw - Basic Bits
Excellent showcase of product and perfect tone/enthusiasm. Got all our requests in a short clip on the first submission. Thank you!
Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500Credit Pack $500
Megan Huber - Coop Home Goods
Thank you so much, hit all the important features and the quality of the video is perfect. We can't wait to work with you again! Cheers, Tami- Coop Home Goods

Got questions? We have answers!

Why credit packs?

Credit packs are a way to get more videos and pay less. The more you buy, the more you get. For example, pay $2500 for the Pro Pack and get $625 ($3125 in total) worth of credits!

How does it work?

Upon placing an order, you will be provided with a promo code that must be entered at every purchase on Billo until you run out of credits. The promo code will be displayed upon checkout. How to use promo codes?

What can credit packs be used for?

You can use credit packs for any order on Billo, with the exception of purchasing other packs.

What if I’m not sure which pack is best for me or if I have other questions?

Please ping us at [email protected], and we’ll guide you through our past experiences with similar companies, analyse your exact situation, and come up with the best possible solution.

Do credits auto-renew?

No, they don’t auto-renew – just buy more when you need them.

Do credits expire?

Credits are valid for a period of 1 year, starting from the date of purchase.

Where can I see my credit balance?

To view your credit balance, simply go to your brand’s Billo account and navigate to the “Tasks” section. There, you’ll find a banner that displays your remaining credits.

Can I use my pack for multiple brand accounts?


Can I share my pack code with other team members?

Yes. Ensure that your colleagues are added to manage the same brand account(s) as you. How to add my teammates to my Brand?

What is a mashup?

A mashup video is a composition of various elements from multiple videos. The creative process involves remixing, reinterpreting, and repurposing existing video content to craft a distinctive and captivating video composition. See an example!

How do I place an order for a mashup?

Simply share the links to videos you’d like to be included in your mashup with your dedicated manager. Ideally, one mashup should contain clips from 2–5 videos. If you have any preferences for editing, such as colors, fonts, or music, feel free to let them know. Our team will provide you with a link to download the mashup video within the next 48 hours.

What is a dedicated manager?

Your dedicated manager is your go-to resource for all things video creation. They proactively take care of your needs, offering personalized recommendations to help you launch tasks, select the best creators, and ensure smooth project execution.

Can I apply additional promo codes to my pack order?

No, you cannot combine several discounts on one order.

Are unused credits refundable?


I have more questions. How do I get help?

Find more advice and answers in our Help Center. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our customer support via live chat on the platform or [email protected].