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Facebook Lead Generation: 5 Reasons You Need Video Content

Arnoldas Rogoznyj
July 7, 2021
facebook generation lead

Facebook lead generation is one of those tools that seems easy to use, but like many other marketing tactics, it’s much more complicated than it looks on the surface.

It’s certainly easy to collect names, but to turn those users into customers is much more challenging. But why?

Of course, it’s hard to make an effective sales page, but more importantly, you might be sabotaging yourself with bad leads from the very beginning.

Here are five reasons you need video content to make effective lead generation ads. 

#1: Videos Provide Clarity – and Stop You From Getting a Lead List Full of People Who Just Have Questions

You make a lead ad, set the budget, and BOOM – you get 100 leads. Pretty awesome, right?

Too bad 80 of those leads are just people who wanted more information because your ad wasn’t clear enough… and once they get the answer to their question, they decide they weren’t really that interested. 

A video is an easy way to make sure people get all the info they need right away. You don’t have to worry about people not even reading the expensive ad copy you just bought. 

#2: Videos Are More Likely to Lead to Sales

Video gives people the sense that they’ve done more research, mainly if that video includes user-generated content. 

If your competitors have videos and you don’t, consumers may feel safer buying from someone else

Unboxing videos, reviews, and testimonials are viral because today’s savvy consumers are too smart to simply trust a company that promises them the best experience. 

If you include video in the front-end of your funnel (your Facebook lead generation ad), you’ll be more likely to collect leads that will turn into paying customers. 

#3: Video Ads Cost Less to Run

Video ads cost 90% less than image-based ads, according to some split-tests from reputable marketers. 

Seriously, you could be running ads at 10% of the current cost, all while getting clicks from more interested people, emotionally invested, and likely to become buyers. 

And with that much wiggle-room, it’s much easier to get a profitable ROAS. 

Consider this scenario:

facebook lead generation
  • Your image-based ads cost $2 per click.
  • A video-based ad costs you $0.20 per click. 
  • For each click, you earn $1. 

That means if you currently have a ROAS of 5 (AKA bleeding money), your video ad would end up earning you five times as much money as you spend… a practical money-printing machine. 

Simply by adding good quality, user-generated video to your ad, you can drastically improve your sales and profit. 

#4: It Helps You Stick Out in The Customer’s Memory

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook for an hour, only to realize you couldn’t even remember a single thing you saw? 

Our brain starts to tune out all the posts, pictures, and conversations. It’s only natural. 

And when you make a text or image-based ad, you’re competing with thousands of other posts for precious space in your customer’s memory. 

#5: People Are More Likely to Share Videos than Text Ads

facebook lead generation
This video ad was created
by a creator via Billo platform

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes:

Would you be more likely to share a video of someone reviewing a product you’re interested in or a text ad from a company telling you how awesome they are? 

Videos are inherently more interesting and entertaining, especially if they involve real people (e.g., user-generated content). 

In fact, videos are 7x more likely to be shared than other posts. 

That’s a massive advantage for you, especially if you’re interested in multiplying your reach and gaining more customers. 

Key Takeaway:

Videos are practical tools for your Facebook lead generation ads. 

  • Videos get more engagement and shares, reducing your costs.
  • Your potential customers will be more likely to buy if they enter your funnel with a video. 
  • People will remember your video and your company. 

Remember: you don’t have to create a video with a big budget and a professional production team. 

In fact, user-generated content that feels authentic is far more appealing to customers than something that feels fake or “salesy.”

Focus on sharing important information about your product in a fun, friendly way, and people will be happy to enter your sales funnel. 

Arnoldas Rogoznyj
July 7, 2021

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