Frequently asked questions

What’s a video brief?2022-08-29T13:27:15+00:00

A video brief, or a Billo Task is a request for creators to produce a winning video based on your desired scenarios and keywords. With Starter packs, we’re giving you the recipe for success on Billo; you create 3 distinct tasks and select 3 creators per task to work with 9 different creators!

Why Starter Packs?2022-08-29T13:27:36+00:00

Starter packs are an exclusive offer for a great value that can only be purchased once. Work with our Video Project managers and gain early access to features not yet available on the platform: multiple aspect ratios and video mash-ups.

What’s the difference between Basic and Premium quality videos?2022-08-29T13:28:03+00:00

Basic quality is a home environment video. It’s simpler and usually shot on a smartphone. Premium quality videos are produced by a selection of more experienced creators with home studios. Expect more attention to detail: better lighting, solid color backdrops.

How could these videos be used?2022-08-29T13:28:23+00:00

You gain full ownership to use all videos for your digital marketing needs. The majority of our clients use videos for social media ads.

How can I buy a Starer pack and what happens after the purchase?2022-08-29T13:28:43+00:00

Choose a Starter pack and complete the payment. Once the payment is received our team will be in touch within a day for further steps and instructions.

How many creators can I choose from?2022-08-29T13:29:01+00:00

With Starter packs, you can choose 3 from up to 40 creators per Task. However, you can work with more than 3 creators if you like and this will be charged extra.

Are Starter packs refundable?2022-08-29T13:29:25+00:00

30 days 100% money-back guarantee if we don’t match you with the right creators.

What if I’m unsure which pack is the best for me or if I have other questions?2022-08-29T13:29:50+00:00

Please ping us at [email protected]. We’ll guide you through our past experiences with similar companies, analyse your exact situation and develop the best possible solution.