The effort pays off: you’ll now get paid based on the video duration!
As Billo has three different durations available for brands to choose from, your payouts will reflect it too.
As usual – the payments add up once the brand approves your video. 

Casual quality videos:

Video ADCasualFull-body$25$30$35
Video ADCasualHands-only$25$30$35
Testimonial videoCasualFull-body$25$30$35
Testimonial videoCasualHands-only$25$30$35
How-to videoCasualFull-body$25$30$35
How-to videoCasualHands-only$25$30$35
Unboxing videoCasualFull-body$25$30$35
Unboxing videoCasualHands-only$25$30$35
  PRO* creator bonus:+$5+$10+$15

Premium quality videos:

Video ADPremiumFull-body$70$80$90
Video ADPremiumHands-only$70$80$90
Testimonial videoPremiumFull-body$70$80$90
Testimonial videoPremiumHands-only$70$80$90
How-to videoPremiumFull-body$70$80$90
How-to videoPremiumHands-only$70$80$90
Unboxing videoPremiumFull-body$70$80$90
Unboxing videoPremiumHands-only$70$80$90
360 videoPremiumNo model$50$60$70
  PRO* creator bonus:+$5+$10+$15

Want to become a PRO Creator? ⭐️

  • Get at least 20 videos approved per month – 20th video activates the bonus system.
  • Create & upload videos no longer than 3 days after receiving the product.
    (being late on delivering content will result in deactivating the bonus system)

Talk with a Billo Talent Manager about becoming a PRO Creator! Click here.

Just so you know:

  • Approved video amounts are counted from 1st day of the month to the last, based on GMT 00 time. Every month the calculation starts from 0.
  • Bonuses are counted on all approved videos during that month.
  • Bonuses will be paid out during the first week of the month for the last month’s videos approved via separate bonus payments.

Still not sure about it all? Talk with the friendliest Billo Talent Manager Click here.