SPRING Wipe-Out2023-08-16T11:58:41+00:00

Save $99!

The Great
Spring Wipe-Out
is Here!

It’s the perfect time to clear out your product stock and make way for fresh, new sales! 4 UGC video ads designed to make those products fly off the shelves. Figuratively & literally! Spring cleaning just got a whole lot more exciting, hasn’t it? 😇

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The Spring Wipe-Out Deal

3 direct-response UGC video ads.
+1 professionally edited mashup.

Now only $357!


What’s included in this deal?

  • 3 original video ads, up to 30 sec.
  • 1 video mashup, up to 60 sec
  • Priority customer support

  • Faster delivery ⚡

$456 Only $357!
Save $99

Are you struggling to craft ad messages that truly resonate with your audience? Are you missing the “scaling” party everyone’s been raving about for the last two years? Worry no more – Billo is coming to the rescue! A quick Google search says there are more than 20 script-writing formulas, but today we’ll dive deeper into the 3 most commonly used ones: AIDA, PAS, and PPPP.


You Ask, We Answer!

How does it work?2023-01-24T09:07:03+00:00

After we receive your order, you will get a code that must be used for 3 video ad-type videos in basic quality and up to 30 seconds. We will deduct the difference from your card on file if additional services are chosen (such as add-ons, photos, or longer video duration).

Do credits expire?2023-03-07T11:41:18+00:00

All videos must be ordered by June 1st, 2023

How could these videos be used?2023-01-24T09:08:06+00:00

You gain full ownership and may use all videos for your digital marketing needs. The majority of our clients use videos for social media ads.

How many products can I highlight in my videos?2023-01-24T09:08:32+00:00

You can highlight up to three products (one product per task).

Can I use my code for multiple brand accounts?2023-01-24T09:08:52+00:00


How long does it take to get a video?2023-01-24T09:09:19+00:00

Usually, the turnaround time for videos is 7–12 days after the product is in the creator’s hands. Product delivery time may vary from time to time due to the shipping process.

What is a mashup?2023-01-24T09:18:50+00:00

A mashup is a video that combines different elements from several videos. This mashup will be created by the Billo motion graphics team from all three videos that you will get with this offer. See an example!

How do I create a task for a mashup?2023-01-24T09:10:13+00:00

For the mashup, you don’t have to create a task. Our team will share it with you within 1-3 business days after all your videos are approved.

Can I choose multiple aspect ratios for one task?2023-01-24T09:10:39+00:00

A task can only have one type of aspect ratio. However, if you wish to get videos in different aspect ratios, you can create separate tasks and choose the aspect ratio that you would like for each task.

Can I create a task for several products?2023-01-24T09:11:13+00:00

In case you need videos for several products, please create a separate task for each product.

Can I edit my tasks?2023-01-24T09:13:34+00:00

You can edit your tasks while they are saved as drafts.

Can I select different creators for my videos?2023-01-24T09:14:16+00:00

Yes, you can select a different creator for each video.

Can I contact my creators?2023-01-24T09:15:12+00:00

To send a message to the creators who are working on your task, you can use the direct chat feature on the Billo platform.

What are Billo Terms of Service?2023-01-24T09:15:41+00:00

You can find our Terms of Service here ➡️https://billo.app/terms-of-service/ 

and Billo Privacy Policy here ➡️ https://billo.app/privacy-policy/ 

Are unused credits refundable?2023-01-24T09:16:07+00:00


Can I use my code for different video types or video durations?2023-01-24T09:16:50+00:00

With this offer, you receive three basic-quality video ads of up to 30 seconds (plus a mashup). You cannot select a different video type. If additional services are chosen (such as add-ons, photos, or longer video duration), we will deduct the difference from your card on file. 

Can I apply several promo codes to my video order?2023-01-24T09:17:12+00:00

No, you cannot combine several discounts on one order.

What payment methods are accepted?2023-01-24T09:17:37+00:00

Credit card only.

I have more questions. How do I get help?2023-01-24T09:18:01+00:00

Find more advice and answers in our Help Center. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our customer support via live chat on the platform.