Nice to meet you! We're cool people behind amazing service.

Billo is driven by a fast-growing team of people who value trust, learning, empathy and awareness. Simply put, we’re good people who like hanging out and talking about life, food, sports, and whatever else we’re interested in. Because it feels good to feel like a person, not just an employee.

Our team is entirely remote. While working from home, we also play games, do yoga and enjoy coffee breaks together. Even though we’re a fully remote team, we enjoy in-person outings in cities where our team members reside.

A common thread that connects us is love for what we do. We’ve got an amazing team of customer success, sales, marketing, and product development professionals who are passionate about continuing the growth of Billo and connecting more brands and video creators. If you think we could be a match for you, check out our openings and get in touch!

What it
means to work at Billo

Unique culture

Ours is a warm and friendly culture that embraces the unique facets each team member brings.


We strive to maintain a diverse team, believing that diversity and inclusion make us smarter, generate better business outcomes, and help us best serve our customers.

Real growth opportunities

We value learning and developing new skills and aim to nurture our team members with opportunities for growth on every level.

Remote work

Our team enjoys the freedom to work from any location around the world.

Training budget

We believe that hunger for knowledge is the key to success. Acknowledging this we are offer a personal budget for on-going training.

Taking on Challenges

We invite each of our team members to overcome challenges and grow as people and as professionals.

World-class investors

Billo wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the support of our investors - both VCs (currently Open Circle Capital, SOSV and 70Ventures) and angel investors.