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Instagram Video Ads Instagram Video Ads Instagram Video Ads
Instagram Video Ads Instagram Video Ads Instagram Video Ads
Instagram Video Ads

How to create winning video ads for Instagram

Instagram is all about visual content, making it the perfect platform for running video ads that engage your audience and drive sales.

But a hurdle most brands face is getting high-quality, performance-optimized video content to use in Instagram ads. Especially since successful campaigns require new video variations from different creators on a regular basis.

This guide will help you learn how to quickly create Instagram video ads using Billo’s streamlined process.

01 Define your goals and target audience


Creating videos and running ad campaigns on Instagram takes time and resources. So you need to make sure that your videos have a clearly-defined purpose aligned with your marketing goals.

The first step in the process is deciding whether you want to drive traffic to your site, get your brand in front of new audiences, or make sales. You also need to consider who you want to reach, defining their demographics, interests, and pain points.

With Billo, you can simplify the process by quickly selecting the type of video you want and customizing your criteria in just a few simple steps.

02 Figure out your concept


Your Instagram video ads are competing for attention with thousands of others on the platform. So you need to come up with a strong concept for your video ads that captures the attention of your audience and gets them to respond.

Billo offers winning ad structures that are proven to work on Instagram video ads. It’s as easy as selecting a hook, concept, and CTA from a library of templates, which allows creating endless varieties of high-performing ads.

03 Write a logical script


Instagram video ads don’t give you a lot of time to convey your message. So you need to be very deliberate about every second of your video, ensuring that it’s aligned with what you want to achieve.

When working with videos that are under one minute long, your best bet is to come up with a single idea that will be the core of your Instagram video ad.

When using Billo, you can either utilize the winning ad structures, leave the script and execution to the creator, or map out every scene of your video ad exactly as you want it.

04 Format your video


A key part of succeeding with Instagram video ads is ensuring a good viewing experience. That’s why your videos need to match Instagram’s available formats to make the most of the space that’s available in feeds, carousel ads, and stories.

In most cases, you can get by with using 1:1 for feed posts and 9:16 for stories. When you use Billo, you don’t have to worry about formats, as the seamless order process will ensure you get the right formats based on the social media platform you’re targeting.

05 Start filming


Once you have everything set up, it’s time to bring your vision to reality and film your videos. For most businesses, that ends up being the biggest hurdle.

Producing high-quality and engaging videos that are optimized to drive results requires equipment, creators with experience being on camera, editing skills, and a solid understanding of video advertising principles.

The good news is that using Billo solves all of these problems for you. Instead of having to shoot Instagram video ads yourself, you can simply define what you need, fill out the brief, and choose from a selection of 5,000+ US-based creators.

06 Get your video ready to publish


Engaging video ads require more than just someone talking on camera. You need precise editing, eye-catching subtitles, text overlays, music, video effects, and a strong call to action.

With Billo, you don’t need to worry about edits and can utilize the professional in-house editing services that will get your videos ready to publish and optimized for best performance on Instagram.

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Frequently asked questions

How many creators are on Billo?

Billo has an extensive network of over 5,000 vetted creators, all based in the US. There is a wide range in demographics, styles, and interests, so you can pick the ones with the background, skills, and equipment your vision requires.

Is Billo suitable for my product/services?

You can use Billo to order videos for almost any product that exists. The main product/service categories that Billo is suitable for: cosmetics, consumer goods, apps/digital services, apparel, health, fitness, food and beverages, children's products, pet products.

Can I order videos in other languages?

You can order videos in English or request a silent video and use them in all countries.

Do you offer editing services?

Yes, you can add our in-house editing services to your video. All animated edits are done by Billo motion graphic designers and are personalized for your brand.

What video aspect ratios can I order?

You can choose from multiple aspect ratios: 9:16 portrait, 16:9 landscape, 4:5 vertical, or 1:1 square.