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Transform your existing consumers into brand advocates with Billo. Use platform to get that user-generated content to increase sales and keep your business moving.

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With Billo you can leverage the power of your existing customer base to marketdevelopgrow your brand

The all-in-one brand advocacy platform

From issuing assignments to sharing referral codes to paying your community members for the tasks they complete, Billo handles every step of your brand advocacy process.

Brand advocacy tasks to boost awareness, engagement and social proof!

Capture the moment of purchase

Get your customers to record and share the moment when they buy one of your products.

Showcase product unboxing

Ask your customers to walk through an authentic unboxing of your products

Highlight real use cases

Get customers to show how they use your products in their day-to-day lives

Generate product reviews

Request authentic product reviews from your customers

Receive private feedback

Authentic insights at your fingertips from your real users to improve your products and services

Enhance your employer branding

Get your team generating and sharing employer branding content

Promote product referrals

Encourage your customers to share referral links and discount codes with friends

Create custom tasks

Didn’t find the right task? No problem. Use the Billo task builder to create just the task you need.

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Case studies

Danone’s brand community created content beats industry-standard CPM by 3.4x

Breaking Asian food stereotypes with Santa Maria

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Explore Billo free of charge with up to 10 community members. Freemium gives a complete access to all platform features. Go ahead!

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Set up your business account: sign in, fill in a 2 minute task brief for your fans, and you’re good to go!


Invite your customer base

to join you on Billo and we’ll take it from there.


Delegate tasks:

request content, product feedback, or referrals. And then issue rewards.


Pay your devotees

in real cash with all payments handled by Billo.


Market, develop, and grow your brand

with authentic user-generated content.

Transform your existing consumers into brand advocates

Start leveraging the power of your existing customer base to develop, market and grow your brand

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