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How to create winning video ads for TikTok

TikTok is all about engaging video content. Favored by young audiences and featuring a range of creators, it’s the perfect place for brands to boost awareness and drive sales using video ads.

But if you don’t have an in-house team churning out videos on demand, you need to find a way to streamline production and get performance-optimized videos for ads on a consistent basis.

Discover how Billo can help you at every step of the process below.

01 Set clear goals and define your audience


Before you can even start thinking about how your video is going to look, you need to clearly identify 1) what you’re trying to achieve and 2) who you’re trying to reach.

Whether you want to boost your organic reach, drive traffic to your site, or make more sales, the outcome you want will dictate the video’s structure and the elements you’ll need to use.

Billo makes the process easy, allowing you to select the type of video you want and offering customization options that ensure it aligns with your goals.

02 Come up with a concept


TikTok videos are short and thus need to convey their main idea quickly. That’s why you need to come up with a concept, answering questions like what your video is about, how it will be structured, and what each element will aim to accomplish.

These elements include the hook that will grab the viewer’s attention, the ideas you want to share, and even the emotions you want to evoke.

Billo is designed to make this process extremely easy, offering winning ad structures with built-in templates you can use to quickly create TikTok video ads that perform.

03 Write your script


Big ideas are essential, but you also need to figure out what will happen in each second of your video. That’s especially true for TikTok, where you will most often run video ads that are less than 15 seconds long.

When using Billo, you can skip the process of writing a script and take advantage of the winning ad structures or leave the creativity to the video creators you hire. But you can also have complete control of every second, setting up scenes manually to get the video exactly as you want it.

04 Consider the format


TikTok audiences have high standards for the videos they watch on the platform. And that includes not just the content itself, but also the way that it’s formatted.

On TikTok, you’ll want to use the 9:16 aspect ratio almost exclusively, as it’s a mobile-first platform with the vast majority of users using mobile devices.

If you use Billo to create your TikTok video ads, you won’t have to worry about formatting your video or using the right aspect ratio; everything will be optimized for the best viewing experience on TikTok and ready to post immediately.

05 Start filming


Filming quality content for TikTok doesn’t necessarily require much more than a smartphone. But while it’s enough to create viral organic content, when it comes to successful TikTok video ads, filming videos that capture attention and communicate the key message in 15 seconds or less can be a big challenge.

Billo handles the entire process for you, allowing you to choose from 5,000+ US-based creators who will take care of the filming based on the instructions you provide and according to the best practices of TikTok advertising.

06 Get your TikTok video ads ready to publishh


TikTok video ads must be designed to maintain attention and drive the viewer to take action. That’s why you need to have editing elements that increase engagement and ensure each viewer understands the message, such as eye-catching subtitles, text overlays, music, video effects, and a strong call to action.

With a professional in-house editing team, Billo will provide you with ready-to-launch TikTok video ads that include everything needed to capture attention and drive results.

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Frequently asked questions

How many creators are on Billo?

Billo has an extensive network of over 5,000 vetted creators, all based in the US. There is a wide range in demographics, styles, and interests, so you can pick the ones with the background, skills, and equipment your vision requires.

Is Billo suitable for my product/services?

You can use Billo to order videos for almost any product that exists. The main product/service categories that Billo is suitable for: cosmetics, consumer goods, apps/digital services, apparel, health, fitness, food and beverages, children's products, pet products.

Can I order videos in other languages?

You can order videos in English or request a silent video and use them in all countries.

Do you offer editing services?

Yes, you can add our in-house editing services to your video. All animated edits are done by Billo motion graphic designers and are personalized for your brand.

What video aspect ratios can I order?

You can choose from multiple aspect ratios: 9:16 portrait, 16:9 landscape, 4:5 vertical, or 1:1 square.