Billo Refund Policy

We aim to deliver quality videos to all our clients. In case you are not satisfied with Billo, we’ll be happy to give you a credit (hereof discount code of the value of your task) or a refund if:

1. you created or duplicated a task by accident or additional creator was added accidentally;

2. no suitable creators applied to your task. Please note, though, that in most such cases our Customer Support team can help you by inviting more quality creators to apply to your task. If you still find the creators not suitable, a credit or refund can be offered within a 30 days from the task approval date;

3. you haven’t shipped your product out to selected creators within 30 days of task creation and no longer wish to proceed with the task. A refund or a credit are only possible within this 30-day window in this case;

4. you have difficulties shipping your product to the US within 30 days of task approval. A refund or a credit are only possible within this 30-day window in this case;

5. you haven’t received a video within 30 days of the creator receiving your product (in such cases we will need to see proof of delivery). Here we will also compensate your product COGS (cost of goods sold is how much it costs to produce your products or services. It excludes indirect expenses, such as distribution costs and sales force costs). You will need to provide proof of COGS. is not accountable for reimbursing COGS or related costs in cases when products shipped fail to reach the creator (due to invalid tracking number, package returned to sender, lack of delivery confirmation, product was delivered damaged, etc.).



  • unused credits are not refundable, we recommend that you select a pack based on your needs;
  • Billo’s refund policy (see information above) applies to pack purchases. In case of a refund, we will refund the amount of the purchased pack but not the value provided;
  • no reimbursement can be made in case you submitted your task before pack purchase and decide you want to apply your pack code afterwards;
  • if a task was cancelled for any of the reasons listed above, credit comes back to client’s credit balance or an individual credit code is created;
  • in the event of a change from custom pack to credit pack, provided credit value is transferred to the client’s credit balance and a new code is generated.