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Best WordPress Referral Networks

Best WordPress Referral Networks
Joe Tobin
Best WordPress Referral Networks
Joe Tobin

After bouncing around tech start-ups and university literature programs, Joe has finally settled down as Billo’s Head of Content. Joe now spends his days writing ads about ads, teaching clients how to craft killer content, and combing through our web copy with a bold red Sharpie.

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Referral networks are a great way to drive traffic and get new customers for your business. The best referral networks can be found on WordPress. You may not know this, but you’ve probably been using one of the top WordPress referral networks without even knowing it!

Who do you think is behind all those plugins that keep popping up in the sidebar? It’s none other than our friends at WP-Admin Referral Network! Please keep reading to learn more about how these excellent WordPress referral networks work and why they’re so awesome.

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is the ultimate way to harness the power of your social media connections for referral marketing.

It strives to be high-quality customer engagement software designed specifically for affiliates and for affiliate marketers.

OSI Affiliate offers a referral platform with an intuitive dashboard, easy integrations, drag-n-drop campaigns builder, LP management tools, and analytics. Creating showcase pages is so much fun! You can even designate specific offers & landing pages you want to feature on your Facebook timeline. They are flexible enough to work with any large company or small business that needs them no matter where they are located in the world!

Best WordPress Referral Networks

Referral Candy

Referral Candy is a platform where you can trade-in your unused Drum Set Lab products for products from collaborating partners. It’s cool because it gives you instant access to an ever-growing list of products from brands that are actively interested in giving out more effect than they sell.

Referral Candy was founded by two entrepreneurial 29-year-olds with a deep passion and love for great brands and finding new ways to get the best deals on them – we hope that will become apparent as we grow! We offer free shipping on anything you order, and we have thousands of products available, so head over to now!

Best WordPress Referral Networks


Extole is a conversion marketing and customer acquisition tool that helps online retailers grow their audience and increase conversions.

Extole has helped big brands like Zappos, Banana Republic, Walmart, Izod, and many more implement the retargeting campaign. The company also offers in-store features such as kiosks with iPads for shoppers to browse their website when they enter the store.

Since shopping is an emotional experience, shoppers may be more inclined to stay tuned in when in-store kiosks allow them to remember the products they saw online while browsing through stores without having all of their patience irritated by hard-to-reach sales associates. 


Invitebox is a platform that specializes in providing marketing services for owners of online businesses.

Invitebox employs a cutting-edge solution for affiliates to reach potential customers with incentives and offers without depending on social media or email. Instead of having their content hosted on an inaccessible website, it’s been collected from many different sites so that anyone can go through the list and click straight through to whatever they’re trying to promote. The app also has a wide variety of addresses – from blogs and homepages down to forums – which means you’ll have no shortage of content either!

Social Seeder

A Social Seeder is a person who provides content and establishes connections to transition their network’s online activity into offline action with little or no intent to sell. The social seeder seeks notification and permission from individuals to connect them with “relevant” opportunities. They do not use email blasts, Facebook messages, or group messages; they let people know about specific options when they know that individual would be interested because of their history (e.g., preference for good causes).

There are various techniques, such as “value-adding” posts on LinkedIn that feature a comment or question you have an answer that could potentially benefit the individual viewing your post.

ISORAW ‑ Rewards Done Right

ISORAW is a balancing and aligning meditation that weaves together Eastern and Western philosophy, modern science, ancient wisdom, and gentle yoga to help people create more balance in their life.

ISORAW offers a physical self-care approach using posture, breathing techniques, and sound vibrations before offering personalized guided visualization for our unique needs. While the benefits of spending time with nature on “sensory day” are commonly acknowledged, there is precious little guidance for how we can actively spend quality time with nature when we’re working, studying, or it’s raining. We don’t live in a world of perfect seasons; therefore, it is up to us to find ways to co‑create good health while adapting through inevitable changes within shapes, so they flow.

Best WordPress Referral Networks
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iRefer is a software service for hospitals that automates social media marketing.

It was created by two surgeons who wanted to help their hospital healthcare professionals have time for patient care by training an online chatbot or virtual agent that utilizes artificial intelligence to handle the non-clinical tasks typically done by staff on social media sites.

There are many studies about how social networking has helped patients integrate with friends and family during illness. This technology will similarly enable even more efficient use of the staff’s time.


Carro is the best WordPress referral network that offers a large selection of themes and plugins to start your web business faster.

Carro saves your time by hand-picking responsive WordPress templates for you to promote, releasing their newest templates monthly, not having design restrictions so you can replace them with any other content on this site. Based on the template’s layout, you will have complete control over all settings, including menus, tags, widgets, or blog posts!

Carro’s templates are fully compatible with WPML – the world’s most popular WordPress plugin for running a multilingual website. It has 18 languages included out-of-the-box and supports 32 more! You can manage all languages separately, just in one place, making it great.

Best WordPress Referral Networks
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Affiliatly pays people for their attention to ads.

Affiliatly is the best WordPress Referral network because it’s free money when you don’t scheme yourself! Affiliatly uses our platform to handle everything, so there are no set-up fees, contracts, or obligations – just a straightforward integration into your website that will take less than 3 minutes.

You could start earning money from a day on a new blog! Soon enough, you’ll be rolling in cash and laughing at how stupid everyone else is for not having their referral link embedded on every piece of content they publish.


MGM is a company with guaranteed best WordPress referral networks, and they do not need to invest in marketing staff or spend time emailing people. You can contact them for marketing help and network marketing help.

You can get affiliates to send customers interested in your Hunting Bow Lab product to their website through the power system. And with the right set of tools such as automated AWeber Autoresponders, autoresponder software, and other social media advertising support systems, you will find that interacting with customers becomes easy and requires less human interaction.

The best WordPress referral networks are the ones that will generate the most traffic to your site. You need to find out what type of campaigns they offer, how often they share posts on social media and their target audience demographics. You’ll also want to know if there is an opportunity for affiliates or partners in this program.

You should consider many things when choosing a network; these points may help get you started! Comment below with any questions about which blogs work well for referrals or related topics like the types of people who use them (e.g., businesses, bloggers). We’re happy to answer anything we can!

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