Billo Credit Expiration Policy

Last updated: 9 November, 2023

  • All Credit Packs expire 12 months and all Custom Packs expire 3 months after purchase date and cannot be used nor refunded after this period expires.
  • Billo’s refund policy applies to pack purchases.
  • In case of a refund, we will refund the monetary amount of the remainder of the purchased pack but not the value provided. A 25% administration fee will be deducted.
  • No reimbursement can be made in case you submitted your task before Pack Purchase and decided you wanted to apply your Pack code afterwards.

Please refer to Clause 6.7 “Terms for Packs” of Billo’s Terms of Service if unsure about Credit expiration dates.

If you have any questions, reach out to us by sending a message to [email protected].