Blog Video Creators #mom: The Ultimate Guide to Top Mom Influencers on Social Media

#mom: The Ultimate Guide to Top Mom Influencers on Social Media

#mom: The Ultimate Guide to Top Mom Influencers on Social Media
Joe Tobin
#mom: The Ultimate Guide to Top Mom Influencers on Social Media
Joe Tobin

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mom influencers

Welcome to the vibrant world of mom influencers!

These stunning individuals are not just shaping trends but also creating communities where support, creativity, and inspiration flourish. As they share their daily lives, parenting tips, and personal insights, mom influencers have become essential voices across various platforms.

This guide delves into the realms of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media channels to highlight the most influential mom figures today.

Whether you’re seeking parenting advice, lifestyle tips, or just a dose of daily life inspiration, these are the influencers you should be following.


1. Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland, hailing from the UK, offers a delightful mix of content that covers motherhood, lifestyle, and beauty. With her charming personality and candid approach, she discusses real-life challenges of parenting, giving her audience a mix of both heartwarming and educational content.

2. What’s Up Moms

What’s Up Moms is a channel run by Elle Walker, Meg Resnikoff, and Brooke Mahan. This channel is a go-to resource for DIY projects, recipes, and mom hacks. They’ve built a huge following by creating content that’s both useful and entertaining, making everyday parenting tasks feel a bit easier.

3. Tiffani Beaston

Tiffani Beaston from “Beauty & The Beastons” offers a glimpse into her life as a mom of three. Her vlogs focus on meal planning, home organization, and motherhood. Tiffani’s practical advice and friendly demeanor make her a favorite among parents seeking realistic and achievable inspiration.

4. Kristina Kuzmic

Kristina Kuzmic provides a humorous and heartwarming perspective on motherhood and family life. Known for her candid discussions about parenting challenges and mental health, Kristina’s content resonates deeply with those who appreciate an honest and comedic take on the imperfections of parenting.

5. ItsJudysLife

Judy Travis of ItsJudysLife chronicles her daily life as a mom of three daughters. Her vlogs beautifully capture the essence of family life, from the mundane to the monumental. Judy’s sincere and down-to-earth narrative style makes viewers feel like a part of her family.

6. Elle Lindquist

Elle Lindquist’s channel focuses on lifestyle and wellness from a mom’s perspective. She offers advice on mindful parenting, mental health, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst the chaos of raising children. Her approach is holistic and encouraging.

7. GabeBabeTV

On GabeBabeTV, Gabrielle and her husband share their lives as parents in an interracial marriage. Their channel includes vlogs that cover everything from pregnancy to family adventures, all shared with humor and love. They focus on positivity and real-life experiences that many families can relate to.

8. Ijeoma Kola

Ijeoma Kola, a PhD holder and mom, combines her academic background with her personal experiences to provide educational and engaging content. Her videos often include discussions on motherhood, balancing a career and family, and tips for educational activities at home.

9. Jaimie from Millennial Moms

Jaimie Kight is a key contributor to the channel “Millennial Moms,” which is tailored specifically towards younger mothers. She shares practical tips, DIY projects, and personal stories, offering advice that resonates with the millennial mom demographic.

10. Rachel Bennett

Rachel Bennett of The Ohana Adventure channel captures her family life with seven children. The channel features vlogs that document their adventures, home schooling, and everyday interactions, offering insights into managing a large, active family.

11. Colleen Ballinger

Colleen Ballinger, famous for her character Miranda Sings, shares her journey through motherhood on her personal YouTube channel. Her videos offer a mix of lifestyle content, personal vlogs, and behind-the-scenes looks at balancing a career in entertainment with parenting.

12. Summer Rayne Oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes brings a unique angle to the YouTube community as she focuses on eco-conscious living and parenting. Known for her expertise in sustainability and plant-based lifestyles, Summer uses Snapchat to share daily tips on how to incorporate eco-friendly practices into family life.


1. Eva Chen

Eva Chen, Instagram’s director of fashion partnerships, combines her high-profile career with motherhood, sharing moments from her life with two young children. Her Instagram feed is a colorful blend of fashion, fun parenting moments, and travel, providing her followers with lifestyle envy and parenting realism.

2. Joy Cho

Joy Cho of Oh Joy! is renowned for her vibrant aesthetic and creative designs. Her Instagram is a burst of color, showcasing her work, family life, and collaborations with brands. Joy’s ability to meld her career with motherhood provides a great source of inspiration for creative moms.

3. Amanda Jane Jones

Amanda Jane Jones is a designer and mother known for her minimalist aesthetic and engaging content. Her Instagram feed showcases her family life, travel adventures, and design projects, all presented through a beautifully curated visual style that appeals to those interested in design and modern parenting.

4. Cat and Nat

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer, known collectively as Cat and Nat, are a duo famous for their candid discussions about motherhood. Their Instagram is filled with humorous and relatable content, including videos and posts that address the less glamorous side of parenting, which many mothers find incredibly refreshing and supportive.

5. Ginger Parrish

Ginger Parrish, the blogger behind The Parrish Place, uses her Instagram to share vibrant snapshots of her life as a mom of three boys. Her feed is colorful and upbeat, with posts that focus on positivity, family, and the joy of everyday moments.

6. Dr. Zoe Shuster

Dr. Zoe Shuster, also known as @dr.zoeshuster, is a clinical psychologist who combines her professional expertise with her experience as a mother to provide mental health advice tailored specifically to parents. Her Instagram offers insights into parenting strategies, child psychology, and how to maintain one’s own mental health amidst the demands of parenthood.

7. Laura Izumikawa

Laura Izumikawa, a photographer and author, rose to fame by dressing her sleeping baby in various fun outfits and capturing the moments on her Instagram. She continues to engage her audience with her creative photography, lifestyle content, and authentic stories of motherhood.

8. Janet Lansbury

Janet Lansbury is a well-known advocate of Respectful Parenting and the RIE teaching method. Her Instagram is an extension of her educational platform, providing valuable advice on child development and respectful parenting techniques. Her content is ideal for parents looking for more structured approaches to discipline and communication with their children.

9. Allison Holker

Allison Holker, known for her dancing career, shares her family life with her husband and kids on Instagram. Her posts celebrate family, dance, and life’s joyful moments, providing inspiration and positivity to her followers.

10. Hannah Carpenter

Hannah Carpenter uses her Instagram to showcase her life as a mom and artist. Her feed includes beautifully curated photos of her daily activities, art projects, and moments with her children, appealing to followers who enjoy a blend of creativity and parenting.

11. Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer, actress and mother, uses her Instagram account to share her experiences in parenting, meditation, and holistic living. Her feed is a mixture of personal reflections, family moments, and professional updates, which offers a well-rounded glimpse into her life as a working mother.

12. Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber Fillerup Clark of “Barefoot Blonde” started as a hair tutorial blogger but has since expanded into family and lifestyle topics on Intstagram. Her Insta features travel adventures, family experiences, and beauty tips, all woven together with high-quality photos and engaging narratives.

13. Maya Vorderstrasse

Maya Vorderstrasse uses TikTok to share humorous and candid takes on the realities of motherhood. Her content often includes skits and humorous dialogues that depict the daily triumphs and trials of parenting, making her a relatable and entertaining follow for many parents.


1. Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown, an actress and vegan foodie, brings her infectious joy and kindness to TikTok, where she shares vegan recipes that are family-friendly and easy to prepare. Her warm, motherly advice extends beyond cooking, touching on various aspects of life and wellness.

2. The Bentist

Not a “mom” in the traditional sense, but Dr. Ben Winters, a.k.a. The Bentist, is a parenting figure who shares his day-to-day life as an orthodontist on TikTok. His fun, educational content makes dental care appealing to both kids and adults, earning him a massive following in the family niche.

3. Jessica Woo

Jessica Woo became a TikTok sensation with her fun and creative “bento box” lunches for her children. Her delightful presentations and easy meal ideas offer great inspiration for parents looking to make mealtime exciting and nutritious.

4. Sheri Nicole

Sheri Nicole, mother of popular TikToker Addison Rae, has carved out her own niche on the platform with a following that loves her lifestyle and family content. Her TikToks feature dance challenges, family interactions, and insights into her daily life, which make her relatable and loved by a broad audience.

5. Sarah Nicole Landry

Sarah Nicole Landry, known as @thebirdspapaya, shares her journey of self-love, body positivity, and motherhood. Her TikToks often discuss topics related to parenting, personal growth, and body image, offering a supportive space for parents and particularly mothers navigating similar challenges.

6. Karen Cheng

Karen Cheng is known for her creative and artistic videos that often involve optical illusions, dance, and family fun. Her TikTok account includes engaging content that showcases her skills in video editing and creative direction, often involving her children in playful and imaginative ways.

7. Chriselle Lim

Fashion influencer Chriselle Lim has transitioned her chic style into relatable mom content on TikTok. She shares fashion tips, day-in-the-life videos, and parenting hacks with a stylish twist, appealing to moms who want to keep up with trends while managing their parenting roles.

8. Heather Brooker

Heather Brooker, a comedian and actress, brings her humor into parenting through her TikToks. She offers a comedic look at motherhood, with videos that often parody the daily life of being a mom, providing a laugh and a sense of community to other moms.

9. Yalda Alaoui

Yalda Alaoui offers a blend of wellness, nutrition, and mindful parenting on her TikTok channel. With a focus on healthy living, Yalda provides tips on how to maintain a balanced lifestyle, from quick healthy recipes to mindfulness exercises for both moms and kids.

10. Meredith Masony

Meredith Masony’s TikTok, under the username @thats_inappropriate, brings humor and realism to parenting. She is known for her candid and often comedic takes on the chaos of motherhood, resonating with parents who appreciate honesty mixed with a good laugh.

Mom Influencers on Other Social Media Channels

While YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are the dominant platforms for mom influencers, there are several other social media channels where influential mothers are making their mark. These additional platforms offer unique ways to connect with audiences through different types of content and interactions.

Here’s a look at some of the lesser-explored yet impactful mom influencers on other platforms:


1. Jordan Ferney

Jordan Ferney, the creator of Oh Happy Day, uses her Pinterest to share DIY party ideas, crafts, and whimsical decorations. Her account is an excellent resource for moms who want to add a bit of creative flair to their family events and home decor.

2. Melanie Ham

Melanie Ham is best known for her DIY projects and crafts. Her Pinterest board is filled with tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced, making it easy for parents to engage in crafting with their kids or for personal projects.


1. Jessica Shortall

Jessica Shortall is a champion of working moms. Her LinkedIn profile serves as a hub for advocacy on work-life balance and the challenges faced by working parents. Jessica provides thought leadership and insights into maternity leave policies, child care solutions, and career development for parents returning to the workforce. Her compelling articles and professional guidance make her a valuable follow for anyone interested in the intersection of parenthood and professional life.


1. Maria Kang

Known as the “No Excuses Mom,” Maria Kang shares motivational posts, fitness tips, and personal anecdotes about staying healthy and fit while managing motherhood. Her Facebook group, “No Excuse Moms,” connects thousands of mothers worldwide who are dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing their family time. She also has a blog!


1. Heather Armstrong / Dooce

Heather Armstrong is one of the pioneering mom bloggers, known for her website, Dooce. Heather’s candid and often humorous take on motherhood, depression, and life in general has created a loyal readership. Her blog continues to be a cornerstone in the mom blogging community, offering depth and authenticity that resonate with many.

2. Jill Smokler / Scary Mommy

Jill Smokler started “Scary Mommy” as a personal blog about her parenting struggles but it quickly evolved into a massive community and media site. Scary Mommy discusses all facets of motherhood without sugar-coating, tackling topics from pregnancy and parenting to mental health, with a relatable and often humorous voice.

3. Kelle Hampton / Enjoying the Small Things

Kelle Hampton, author of the blog “Enjoying the Small Things,” shares her journey of motherhood, touching on the joys and challenges, especially in raising a child with Down syndrome. Her blog mixes heartfelt storytelling with beautiful photography, offering inspiration and a deep sense of community.

4. Jennifer Borget / Cherish 365

Jennifer Borget of “Cherish 365” uses blog to advocate for diversity and inclusion while sharing her journey of parenting mixed-race children. Her stories promote positivity and the importance of cherishing every day with family, resonating with a wide audience of parents interested in cultural diversity and personal storytelling. Check out her blog and other socials too!

5. Joanna Goddard / Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard runs “Cup of Jo,” a lifestyle blog that covers motherhood, fashion, beauty, food, travel, and relationships. Her blog has become a trusted resource for many women, thanks to its thoughtful articles, practical tips, and inclusive community discussions.

6. Ilana Wiles / Mommy Shorts

Creator of “Mommy Shorts,” Ilana Wiles writes about the realistic side of parenting in a humorous and relatable way. Her blog features parenting tips, personal stories, and photo contests that engage a large community of parents looking for both laughter and guidance. She’s also big on Instagram!

7. Lisa Leake / 100 Days of Real Food

Lisa Leake is the voice behind “100 Days of Real Food,” a blog that chronicles her family’s journey to eliminate processed food from their diet. The blog offers recipes, meal plans, and advice that appeal to parents eager to promote healthy eating habits at home.

8. Ashley Stock / Little Miss Momma

Ashley Stock blogs at “Little Miss Momma,” where she discusses life lessons, family stories, and her experiences dealing with grief and healing after the loss of a child. Her blog is a source of comfort and inspiration for many who are navigating their own life struggles.

9. Rebecca Woolf / Girls Gone Child

Rebecca Woolf of “Girl’s Gone Child” is known for her progressive and unconventional take on parenting. Her blog explores themes like feminist parenting, raising a large family in urban Los Angeles, and embracing life’s unpredictable moments with grace and humor. She’s also got a decent Twitter (X?) following!

10. Sasha Morozov / sasha x home

Sasha Morozov is a mom blogger who focuses on sustainable living and minimalism. Her blog offers tips on how to reduce household waste, eco-friendly parenting hacks, and minimalist approaches to raising children, making her a great follow for environmentally conscious parents.

Mom’s Know Best!

Mom influencers across various social media platforms provide more than just parenting advice; they offer a window into the multifaceted experiences of motherhood, encompassing the joys, challenges, and everything in between.

Each influencer brings their unique perspective, whether it’s through crafting beautiful Pinterest boards, sharing their professional journey on LinkedIn, or creating viral TikTok cooking videos. They not only inspire and educate but also build communities where parents can find support and connection.

Following these mom influencers can not only enrich your parenting journey but also offer a broader understanding of the diverse experiences and approaches to motherhood around the globe.

As social media continues to evolve, the voices of these mom influencers will undoubtedly remain influential, guiding and inspiring new and seasoned parents alike. Whether you’re looking for DIY tips, fitness motivation, professional advice, or just a good laugh, there’s a mom influencer out there for everyone.

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