Blog Video Creators 45 Travel Influencers You Need to Follow in 2024

45 Travel Influencers You Need to Follow in 2024

45 Travel Influencers You Need to Follow in 2024
Joe Tobin
45 Travel Influencers You Need to Follow in 2024
Joe Tobin

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travel influencers

Travel influencers have emerged as the new compasses for adventurers, wanderers, and culture enthusiasts around the globe. They have transformed how we see travel. They make far-off lands feel near on our screens. They do this through stunning visuals, immersive stories, and engaging content. They inspire us with their journeys. They also offer tips, and hidden gems that traditional travel guides might miss.

The rise of social media platforms has played a pivotal role in catapulting travel influencers to the forefront of the industry. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have unique formats and audiences. They are the primary stages for these influencers to show their adventures. The influence they wield is undeniable, shaping travel trends, destinations’ popularity, and even the way travel brands market themselves.

This article aims to showcase a diverse range of travel influencers who shine on key social media platforms. We prioritized follower count and engagement rates. But, we also valued content quality and the distinct value each influencer offers to their followers.

While some names on this list may be familiar, others could be hidden gems, ready to inspire you with their unique take on travel. Our goal was to go beyond mere popularity. We aimed to bring attention to both established icons and emerging voices making their mark on the digital travel landscape.

Best Multi-Channel Influencers

Travel influencing is broad and diverse, featuring creators who excel in engaging audiences across various platforms. These multi-channel influencers leverage their diverse content to inspire wanderlust, share invaluable travel tips, and bring global cultures to the forefront.

Here’s a closer look at the top 5 who excel in engaging with their followers on various social media channels, including links to their most impactful platforms.

Drew Binsky

YouTube: 4.1M Followers, Drew Binsky

TikTok: 716.6K Followers, @drewbinsky

Instagram: 1.2M Followers, @drewbinsky

drew binsky travel influencer

Drew combines storytelling prowess with a genuine curiosity about the world, which is evident across his YouTube and TikTok channels, complemented by his engaging Instagram posts. His goal to visit every country and his respect for cultures resonate with a broad audience, making his travel narratives both enlightening and entertaining.

Kara and Nate

YouTube: 3.76M Followers, Kara and Nate

TikTok: 334K Followers, @karaandnate

Instagram: 1M Followers, @karaandnate

kara and nate travel influencers

Kara and Nate’s approachable style and transparent portrayal of the nomadic lifestyle across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have built them a strong, engaged community. Their blend of aspirational travel with practical tips offers valuable insights, making their adventures both relatable and inspirational.

Louis Cole (FunForLouis)

YouTube: 2M Followers, FunForLouis

Instagram: 1M Followers, @funforlouis

TikTok: 8686 Followers, @funforlouis

funforlouis travel influencer

Louis’s content is a blend of adventure, sustainability, and cultural exploration, capturing his audience’s imagination across multiple platforms. His energetic personality and high-quality production make his travel explorations both inspiring and engaging, encouraging a deeper understanding of the world.

The Bucket List Family

YouTube: 1.2M Followers, The Bucket List Family

TikTok: 500K Followers, @thebucketlistfamily

Instagram: 2.9M Followers, @thebucketlistfamily

Blog: Bucket List

bucket list travel influencers 1

Traveling as a family, they share heartwarming and authentic adventures, resonating with viewers on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Their unique perspective on family travel and storytelling creates a strong connection with their audience, showcasing the joys and challenges of exploring the world together.

Eric & Allison (The Endless Adventure)

YouTube: 600K Followers, The Endless Adventure

Instagram: 70K Followers, @theendlessadventure

Blog: The Endless Adventure Blog

the endless adventure travel influencers

Eric and Allison’s journey through food and unique accommodations is shared with engaging storytelling and authentic experiences across YouTube and Instagram, complemented by detailed posts on their blog. Their focus on culinary adventures and unusual places to stay attracts viewers interested in a deeper, relatable exploration of travel.

YouTube Travel Influencers

YouTube remains a powerful platform for travel influencers to share in-depth stories, comprehensive guides, and breathtaking cinematic experiences.

Here are 10 unique travel influencers on YouTube, each offering viewers a different perspective on the world through their engaging and informative content.

Mark Wiens – 10.4M Subscribers

mark wiens travel influencer

Mark explores the world one bite at a time, focusing on street food and local delicacies.His genuine passion for food and culture, combined with an engaging presentation style, makes his culinary adventures incredibly popular.

Eva zu Beck – 1.23M Subscribers

eva zu beck travel influencer

Eva focuses on off-the-beaten-path destinations and immersive cultural experiences. Her adventurous spirit and in-depth storytelling showcase less-visited locales, captivating an audience eager for authentic travel experiences.

Sam and Audrey – 422K Subscribers

samuel and audrey travel influencers

This travel duo shares their experiences through travel guides, food vlogs, and road trip adventures. Their friendly demeanor and practical travel tips make global travel seem accessible and fun for everyone.

Hey Nadine (Nadine Sykora) – 510K Subscribers

hey nadine travel influencer

Nadine provides informative travel guides, tips, and personal travel vlogs. Her success lies in her relatable personality and practical travel advice. She combines informational content with personal stories, making travel planning accessible and fun.

Jon Olsson – 1.49M Subscribers

jon olsson travel influencer

Jon shares his luxurious lifestyle and travel adventures, including yachting and skiing in exotic locations. His high-energy vlogs and behind-the-scenes look at a life of adventure and luxury engage viewers looking for escapism.

Fearless & Far (Mike Corey) – 2.59M Subscribers

fearless and far travel influencer

This crazy adventurer showcases his exploration of bizarre, remote, and extreme travel experiences. Mike’s willingness to immerse himself in unconventional adventures captivates his audience. His content stands out for its boldness and the high-quality cinematography that brings rare experiences to life.

Lost LeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc) – 1.4M Subscribers

lost leblanc travel influencer

Christian’s channel focuses on world travel, adventure, and digital nomad life, offering a mix of vlogs and cinematic travel films. His detailed guides, stunning cinematography, and transparency about the digital nomad lifestyle attract viewers interested in long-term travel.

Gone with the Wynns – 584K Subscribers

gone with the wynns travel influencers

Jason and Nikki Wynn share their sailing adventures around the world, focusing on sustainable living and off-grid travel. Their commitment to eco-friendly travel and the captivating storytelling of life at sea engage viewers interested in alternative lifestyles.

Bald and Bankrupt (Benjamin Rich) – 4.07M Subscribers

bald and bankrupt travel influencer

Benjamin’s channel features adventurous travels through lesser-known regions, with a focus on the local people and their stories. The straightforward, humorous approach and genuine interactions with locals provide an authentic and often unseen perspective on travel.

Sailing La Vagabonde (Riley Whitelum & Elayna Carausu) – 1.89M Subscribers

sailing la vagabonde travel influencer

This couple’s life is all about sailing adventures around the globe, showcasing life at sea and the beauty of the ocean. Riley and Elayna’s adventurous spirit and sustainable travel approach resonate with viewers. Their detailed storytelling and breathtaking visuals of life at sea provide a unique perspective on travel.

Instagram Travel Influencers

Instagram, known for its visually compelling content, hosts a plethora of creators whose stunning imagery and engaging captions inspire millions to explore the world.

Below are 10 unique influencers who excel on Instagram, offering diverse perspectives on travel through their captivating photos and stories.

Chelsea Kauai (@chelseakauai) – 1.1M Followers

chelsea kauai travel influencer

Chelsea’s content is a breathtaking blend of adventure, mindfulness, and environmental consciousness. Her stunning photography and thoughtful captions inspire followers to explore nature responsibly and embrace the beauty of the outdoors.

Lee Litumbe (@spiritedpursuit) – 209K Followers

lee litumbe travel influencer

Lee focuses on storytelling through her travels across Africa and beyond, offering a fresh perspective on destinations often overlooked by mainstream media. Her vibrant imagery and narratives celebrate the diversity and beauty of African cultures and landscapes.

Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) – 2.2M Followers

daniel kordan travel influencer

Daniel, a renowned landscape photographer, shares mesmerizing photos from his expeditions around the globe. His ability to capture the magical interplay of light and nature draws followers into a world of awe-inspiring beauty.

Liz Carlson (@youngadventuress) – 211K Followers

liz carlson travel influencer

Liz’s content combines humor with stunning visuals, documenting her adventures in New Zealand and beyond. Her candid storytelling and tips for solo female travelers offer both inspiration and practical advice for exploring the world.

Max Muench (@muenchmax) – 593K Followers

max muench travel influencer

Max, a German photographer and adventurer, captures the essence of remote landscapes and cultures. His unique compositions and storytelling invite followers to venture beyond the familiar and discover the extraordinary.

Max Muench – Instagram

Nicole Isaacs (@nicoleisaacs) – 324K Followers

nicole isaacs travel influencer

Nicole blends luxury travel with culinary exploration, offering followers a taste of the world’s most exquisite destinations and dishes. Her polished visuals and insider tips make her a go-to source for those seeking the finer side of travel.

Travis Burke (@travisburkephotography) – 727K Followers

travis burke travel influencer

Travis’s adventurous spirit and exceptional photography skills shine through his content, highlighting his van life travels and extreme sports ventures. His dedication to capturing and sharing the planet’s beauty encourages followers to embrace adventure.

Kiersten Rich (@theblondeabroad) – 514K Followers

the blonde abroad travel influencer

Kiersten’s vibrant feed offers a mix of luxury and adventure travel, with a particular focus on female solo travel. Her engaging content and practical travel tips empower women to explore the world safely and stylishly.

Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard) – 4M Followers

chris burkard travel influencer

Chirs’s Instagram is a blend of adventure and landscape photography with a focus on remote, wild places. His ability to capture the untamed beauty of nature and his passion for adventure resonate with followers. Chris’s dedication to conservation and the environment adds depth to his breathtaking imagery.

Renan Ozturk (@renan_ozturk) – 1.4M Followers

renan ozturk travel influencer

Renan’s feed is a testament to his life as a mountaineer, photographer, and filmmaker. His stunning imagery from the world’s most rugged and remote locations captures the beauty of the natural world and the human spirit’s resilience.

TikTok Travel Influencers

Now, let’s explore the vibrant world of TikTok Travel Influencers, where short-form videos reign supreme. These creators have mastered the art of captivating audiences with quick, engaging content that ranges from stunning travel clips and cultural insights to travel hacks and humorous observations.

Here are 10 TikTok influencers who stand out for their dynamic approach to sharing the world with their followers.

Alex Ojeda (@alexojeda) – 8.5M Followers

alex ojeda travel influencer

Alex loves to showoff his fun and energetic travel challenges and adventures. His high-energy videos and creative travel challenges keep his audience entertained and engaged. Alex’s willingness to try anything and his infectious enthusiasm make his content stand out.

@mgtenazas (Mikki Tenazas) – 1.5 Million Followers

mikki tenazas travel influencer

Mikki is renowned for his tropical escapades, showcasing some of the most beautiful beaches and luxurious ocean-side hotels. His clean and inviting TikTok feed makes viewers feel as though they’re experiencing these idyllic locations firsthand.

@explorerssaurus (Raquel & Miguel) – 963K Followers

raquel and miguel travel influencers

This travel couple enchants with their romantic and breathtaking travel videos. Their content often features stunning landscapes, couple goals, and tips for traveling together, inspiring followers to explore the world with their partners.

@jess.wandering (Jess Dales) – 93.6K Followers

jess wandering travel influencer

Jess captures the majesty of the outdoors with her breathtaking nature and adventure travel content. Her passion for conservation and exploration is contagious, motivating followers to seek out and respect the natural world around them.

@backpackerben (Ben) – 89.4K Followers

backpacker ben travel influencer

Ben shares his backpacking adventures around the world, focusing on budget travel, hidden gems, and sustainable practices. His practical advice and friendly demeanor make his content relatable and helpful for fellow budget travelers.

@juliiathompson (Julia Thompson) – 3.5 Million Followers

julia thompson travel influencer

Julia Thompson takes her followers on a breathtaking journey through some of the planet’s most stunning landscapes. From the serene sunsets in Namibia to the tranquil hot springs of Costa Rica, her content is a vibrant tapestry designed to spark wanderlust and inspire future travels.

@jordentually (Jorden Tually) – 3.7M Followers

jorden tually travel influencer

Jorden’s energetic and fun personality shines through his travel videos, which often include dance, challenges, and humorous takes on travel experiences. His content is a reminder that travel is not just about places, but also about joy and laughter.

@ybsbrodie (Brodie Moss) – 7.3M Followers

brodie moss travel influencer

Brodie’s love for the ocean and adventure sports is at the forefront of his TikTok channel. His thrilling encounters with marine life and remote beach explorations offer a unique perspective on adventure travel.

@terplanet (Terrence and Karen) – 1.7M Followers

terplanet travel influencer

Terrence and Karen, an Italian couple in their mid-30s, embody the essence of luxury travel on TikTok. Their feed is a collection of extravagant moments from around the globe, including hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia and lounging at opulent resorts in Dubai.

@theworldpursuit (Natasha Danielle) – 684.9K Followers

theworldpursuit travel influencer

Natasha, initially known for her solo travel insights, has transitioned to creating content that appeals to traveling couples. Her TikTok feed, filled with captivating scenery and practical travel advice, offers a blend of inspiration and guidance for those looking to explore the world, either alone or with a partner.

Websites and Blogs

Wrapping up our exploration of travel influencers across various platforms, let’s spotlight those making waves with their own websites and blogs. This diverse group includes influencers who enrich the travel community with in-depth guides, stunning photography, thought-provoking narratives, and invaluable travel tips. Their work spans beyond the visual, delving into the nuances of travel experiences, cultural insights, sustainability, and more.

Nomadic Matt (Matt Kepnes)

nomadic matt travel influencer

Matt’s blog has become a bible for budget travelers worldwide, offering comprehensive guides, tips, and resources for traveling cheaper, longer, and smarter. His straightforward and actionable advice helps readers plan their adventures meticulously.

Oneika The Traveller (Oneika Raymond)

oneika the traveller travel influencer

Oneika’s focus on inclusivity and her efforts to highlight the experiences of travelers of color add important voices to the travel conversation. Her insightful articles and social media posts inspire and inform a diverse audience.

Expert Vagabond (Matthew Karsten)

expert vagabond travel influencer

Matthew shares his adventures around the world with vivid photography, engaging stories, and practical advice. His blog covers everything from adventure travel to photography tips, appealing to a wide range of travelers.

The Points Guy (Brian Kelly)

the points guy travel influencer

Brian’s expertise in maximizing travel rewards has made his blog a go-to resource for anyone looking to travel smarter. His straightforward advice and updates on travel deals provide tangible benefits to his audience.

YTravel Blog (Caz and Craig Makepeace)

ytravel travel influencers

Caz and Craig’s blog is a comprehensive resource for family travel, offering insights into traveling with kids, destination guides, and tips for making travel accessible and enjoyable for families.

Legal Nomads (Jodi Ettenberg) – Blog

legal nomads travel influencer

Jodi’s blog combines her passion for food with deep dives into the cultures she explores. Her thoughtful posts offer more than just travel tips; they provide a window into the soul of the places she visits.

A Luxury Travel Blog (Dr. Paul Johnson)

luxury travel blog travel influencer

Paul’s blog focuses on the finer aspects of travel, featuring luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, and exclusive experiences. His insights cater to travelers looking for high-end travel inspiration and advice.

World of Wanderlust (Brooke Saward)

world of wanderlust travel influencer

Brooke’s blog offers a mix of travel tips, destination guides, and personal reflections, inspiring readers to seek adventure and explore new cultures. Her beautifully written and well-researched posts reflect her passion for travel and discovery.

Be My Travel Muse (Kristin Addis)

be my travel muse travel influencer

Kristin’s blog is an excellent resource for solo female travelers, with a focus on off-the-beaten-path destinations and adventure travel. Her personal stories and practical advice empower women to explore the world on their own terms.

Hand Luggage Only (Yaya and Lloyd)

hand luggage only travel influencer

This blog is packed with travel hacks, destination guides, and beautiful photography, making it a go-to resource for travelers seeking inspiration and practical tips for their next trip.

Key Takeaways

This comprehensive overview of travel influencers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and blogs showcases the wide range of content and perspectives within the travel community.

Whether through stunning visuals, engaging videos, or insightful articles these influencers inspire us to explore the world, seek new experiences, and understand the beauty and diversity of our planet. Their work not only entertains but educates and encourages us to approach travel with curiosity, respect, and an open mind.

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