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13 Must-Have User Generated Content Tools

13 Must-Have User Generated Content Tools
Joe Tobin
13 Must-Have User Generated Content Tools
Joe Tobin

After bouncing around tech start-ups and university literature programs, Joe has finally settled down as Billo’s Head of Content. Joe now spends his days writing ads about ads, teaching clients how to craft killer content, and combing through our web copy with a bold red Sharpie.

Klaudija Janužytė
Klaudija Janužytė
Klaudija Janužytė
Klaudija Janužytė

Seasoned copywriter, promoting the Oxford comma one sentence at a time. Skilled at writing internet-friendly copy, optimizing user journeys, and educating clients on the ever-changing ways of communicating effectively. Worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, Samsung, Nord Security, and many more.

ugc tools

Contrary to what you might’ve heard, UGC is definitely not just a fleeting trend; in 2024, it’s still a rapidly growing industry and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon––which is great news for anyone looking to get in on the action.

With the UGC Platform Market predicted to reach $71.3 billion by 2031, growing at an impressive compound rate of 31.6% each year, the opportunity for new creators to make their mark is huge.

Your passion, whether it’s for sharing travel experiences, reviewing the latest tech, or any other unique interest you have, will find a welcoming stage in the world of UGC.

But what sets the foundation for a motivating start in your UGC creator career? The right tools!

These tools not only make your videos look crispier; they make the whole creative journey more enjoyable and less daunting for beginners. Let’s take a look at 13 tools that will help you create engaging content and kick off your journey to becoming the next UGC success story.

5 Tools You Need for Creating UGC

Step one? Creating your content. Let’s start with five essential tools for capturing UGC––simple, effective, and perfect for starting out.

1. Smartphone

Let’s start with the basics––a smartphone is your main tool for creating UGC. It’s pretty much a mini studio in your pocket. Think of it as a mini studio you carry around in your pocket.

It’s not just about taking photos or videos; modern smartphones are packed with features that can rival traditional cameras. Plus, with apps for practically everything, your smartphone lets you shoot, edit, and share your content all from the same device.

Whether you’re taking pictures of your lovely dog, shooting travel vlogs, or even live streaming, your smartphone is the backbone of your UGC toolkit. The best part? With the latest models offering features like 4K video, you can get really close to professional quality without all the fancy gear.

After all, if people can shoot award-winning movies on an iPhone, you can definitely make a social media ad with it.

2. Ring light

When it comes to making your videos and photos look professional, lighting is key, and a ring light is an absolute game changer.

It’s not just for those flawless makeup tutorials you see online. A ring light provides even, soft lighting that reduces shadows and highlights your (or the product’s) features, making it ideal for almost any type of content.

Whether you’re filming a cooking demo in your kitchen or recording a dance video in your living room, a ring light makes sure you always have great lighting. This is really helpful when you can’t rely on natural light, like dealing with gloomy weather or filming in a room with small windows.

Ring lights are super affordable, easy to use, and can make a huge difference in the quality of your UGC. Plus, most ring lights come with adjustable settings, so you can tweak the brightness and warmth to match your desired mood or style.

3. Simple tripod with smartphone holder

Stability is crucial for high-quality videos, and that’s where a simple tripod with a smartphone holder comes in––it’s a must-have for any UGC creator.

You know those shaky, hard-to-watch videos? A tripod will help you avoid that and the smartphone holder attachment means you can easily mount your phone at the right angle and height. Plus, many tripods are lightweight and portable, so you can take them wherever the content takes you.

When picking out your first tripod for creating UGC, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind.

First, consider adjustability and height. A good tripod should let you change its height and angles easily. This is important because it gives you the freedom to shoot from different perspectives, whether you’re sitting down for a talk or standing up for a product demonstration.

Another crucial aspect is sturdiness. Your tripod needs to be strong enough to hold your smartphone steady, even if you’re outdoors or moving around a lot. You want something that won’t wobble or fall over.

4. Lavalier microphone

Next up in your UGC toolkit is the lavalier microphone, often just called a ‘lav mic’. This small, clip-on microphone is a game-changer for clear audio, especially when you’re recording in noisy environments or need to move around.

Unlike your phone’s built-in mic, a lav mic is designed to pick up your voice clearly without catching too much background noise. It’s super handy for vlogs, interviews, or any content where your voice needs to stand out.

Plus, it’s discreet and easy to use – just clip it onto your shirt, and you’re good to go.

When choosing a lav mic, consider compatibility––make sure it pairs well with your smartphone.

Also, it’s important to think about how the mic picks up sound. Some lav mics catch sounds from everywhere around you, which can be good or bad depending on where you are.

Others pick up sound mostly from the direction they’re pointed at, which helps to keep background noise down. So, choose one based on where you’ll be recording most of the time. A mic that focuses more on your voice and less on the noise around you is often a better choice for clear, easy-to-hear recordings.

With a good lav mic, your audience can focus on what you’re saying, not where you’re saying it.

5. Basic smartphone gimbal

Rounding out the top 5 tools for creating UGC is a smartphone gimbal. This gadget is all about giving your videos that smooth, professional look.

If you’ve ever watched a video that’s super steady and flows nicely, (very great) chances are a gimbal was involved. It’s especially great for action shots, walking tours, or any situation where you’re moving around. Gimbals use motors and sensors to keep your smartphone steady, so even if your hand shakes or moves, your video won’t.

For beginners, a basic smartphone gimbal is one of the simpler tools to use. Many come with straightforward controls and can be connected to your phone via an app, making it easy to start shooting stabilized videos right away.

Plus, using a gimbal can make a big difference in the quality of your videos, making them look more polished and engaging. It’s a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about upping your video game.

5 Tools You Need for Editing UGC

Got your footage? Great! Now, let’s polish it up. Here are five super user-friendly editing tools that’ll help turn your raw content into scroll-stopping UGC.

1. Canva

First in our lineup of editing tools is Canva. This is a user-friendly graphic design tool that’s a true real lifesaver for beginners.

Think of Canva as your personal design studio––it’s packed with templates for just about everything. Whether you’re looking to jazz up your social media posts, create eye-catching thumbnails, or even design graphics for a blog, Canva has you covered. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it super easy to use, even if you’re not a tech whiz.

But Canva isn’t just about social media visuals!

It’s also fantastic for putting together a professional-looking portfolio. With Canva’s media kits, you can showcase your work in a sleek, polished format, making it easier to impress potential clients or collaborators.

So, whether you’re crafting Instagram stories or building your own brand, Canva is the go-to tool for creators who want great results without a steep learning curve.

2. CapCut

Next on our list of editing essentials is CapCut. With more than 200 million monthly active users, this mobile video editing app is quickly becoming a favorite among UGC creators, and it’s easy to see why.

CapCut stands out for its simplicity and a wide range of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned creators. It’s a whole editing studio that fits right in your pocket.

One of the coolest things about CapCut is that it’s developed by the same people behind TikTok. This means it’s perfectly tuned for creating social media content, especially if you’re big into TikTok.

The app offers seamless integration with the platform, making it easier to create, edit, and upload your videos directly. You get a bunch of trending effects, transitions, and music options that are in sync with what’s hot on TikTok. Editing your videos with CapCut could very well be the fastest way to catch the viral wave.

3. iMovie

Moving on to iMovie, a staple for anyone editing videos on an Apple device. iMovie is known for its intuitive design, making it an ideal choice for those who are just getting their feet wet in video editing. It’s perfect for handling basic editing tasks without overwhelming you with too many complex features.

For UGC creators using iPhones or iPads, iMovie is a great starting point. You can trim clips, add transitions, and insert music with just a few taps. The interface is user-friendly, so you won’t need to spend hours learning how to use it.

Plus, iMovie integrates seamlessly with other Apple products, which means you can start editing on your iPhone and then switch to your Mac for final touches.

Whether you’re putting together a quick ad, a how-to video, or a product showcase, iMovie offers enough flexibility to make your videos look polished and professional, without the need for advanced editing skills.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Next in our lineup is Adobe Photoshop Express, a more streamlined and free version of Photoshop. It’s a fantastic option for beginners who are just starting to dabble in photo editing but find the full version of Photoshop a bit too overwhelming.

Photoshop Express brings a user-friendly interface to the table, making it easy to navigate for those new to photo editing software.

Despite being a simplified version, it still packs a punch with a good range of features. For starters, it allows you to easily remove blemishes and spots, ensuring your photos look clean and professional.

You can also crop, straighten, rotate, and adjust the color of your photos or get creative by adding personalized text or playful stickers to your images, making them stand out and speak more to your style.

What makes Photoshop Express a go-to for UGC creators is its combination of simplicity and powerful Adobe technology. You don’t need to be a pro to start making your photos look a lot more polished and engaging. Plus, being free, it’s a great way to get a taste of what Adobe products can offer without committing to a subscription.

5. DaVinci Resolve

Wrapping up our list of editing tools is DaVinci Resolve, a step up for those looking to advance beyond basic video editing.

While it’s a bit more complex than some of the other tools we’ve discussed, DaVinci Resolve remains accessible to those who are ready to expand their editing skills. It’s a perfect fit for creators who feel they’ve outgrown simpler editing apps and want to dive into more sophisticated video production.

DaVinci Resolve offers a suite of features for editing, color correction, audio post-production, and even visual effects.

What sets it apart is its high-end, professional-grade capabilities that are still approachable for non-professionals. You can play around with more advanced editing techniques like multi-camera editing, or fine-tune the color grading of your videos for a more cinematic look.

Additionally, its audio post-production features are top-notch, allowing you to get crisp, clear sound to match your visuals. For UGC creators looking to level up their game and start doing bigger video projects, DaVinci Resolve is an invaluable tool.

Bonus: 3 Extra Tools Too Good to Miss

And here’s a little something extra! Beyond the basics, these additional tools can be the secret sauce for your UGC, giving it that extra edge to really stand out.

1. ChatGPT

Kicking off our bonus section, we have ChatGPT. Think of it as your virtual brainstorming buddy. This tool can be incredibly helpful for those moments when you’re staring at a blank page, struggling to come up with ideas. Whether it’s for scripting your next video, coming up with catchy hooks, or even generating creative concepts for your content, ChatGPT has got your back.

What makes ChatGPT stand out is its ability to understand and generate human-like text. This means you can have a conversation with it, throw your thoughts around, and it will help you shape those ideas into something tangible.

It’s like having a creative partner who’s available 24/7, ready to help you break through writer’s block or refine your ideas. For UGC creators, especially those who work solo, this can be a game changer in maintaining a steady flow of fresh and engaging content.

2. TikTok Creative Center

Next up in our bonus tools is the TikTok Creative Center giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what makes content successful on TikTok. It’s especially crucial today as many videos first go viral on TikTok before becoming popular elsewhere, making it a prime spot for inspiration and trends.

At the Creative Center, you get to see everything from trending hashtags to the music tracks everyone’s using. But here’s the best part: you can also see which TikTok ads are getting the most attention.

This info is super useful when you’re planning your content and want to make sure it not only looks good but also has what it takes to grab attention. It’s like having a cheat sheet for what’s working on TikTok right now.

3. Royalty-free music

Never underestimate the power of the right music in your content. It’s not just background noise; the right track can set the mood, emphasize your message, and make your content pop.

Whether it’s a catchy tune for a scroll-stopping product review or some soothing beats for your travel vlog, music can make or break your content.

Now, for UGC creators, especially those just starting out, budget can be tight. That’s where free stock music websites come in handy. Sites like Free Music Archive or Bensound offer a wide range of music options without costing a dime.

These platforms provide tracks across various genres, ensuring that you can find the perfect sound for your project, whether it’s upbeat, dramatic, or anything in between. Using these resources, you can add a professional touch to your content, enhancing its appeal and engagement potential, all while keeping your costs low.

While free stock music websites are a fantastic resource for those on a tight budget, investing in music can be a smart move for your content. Paying for music often gives you access to higher quality, more unique tracks that can set your content apart from the rest.

For all you aspiring creators out there, don’t hesitate to experiment with these tools! Each one offers a unique way to bring your ideas to life and improve your skills.

As you grow more confident and skilled in creating UGC, consider taking the next step in your creator career. Platforms like Billo are always looking for fresh talent, and when you feel ready, signing up to be a creator can open up even more opportunities.

Every great creator started somewhere, and with these tools in hand, you’re well-equipped to make your mark in the world of UGC. Happy creating!

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