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Videos for Drop-shipping: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Them

Arnoldas Rogoznyj
July 20, 2021

A drop-shipping business is an efficient and small-infrastructure way to provide products to your customer audience. Whether you’re connecting customers with camping supplies, designer shoes, or even living houseplants, your business relies on vibrant online activity. That means an ongoing digital marketing campaign to attract new customers and keep returning customers engaged with your products and deals. 
One of the most powerful marketing assets is video. You may be wondering what kind of videos for drop-shipping companies should you use, and the answers may surprise you.

There are many impactful ways to use video in your business marketing and customer care assets. Let’s dive into the five leading reasons to use video for your business.

#1 Video Knowledge-Base for Clients

In drop-shipping, you want to minimize returns and maximize customer knowledge of your products. To do this, you probably have a nice FAQ or even a hefty knowledge base answering all the usual and procedural questions that customers might have. If some assembly is required, you likely offer online guides on how to assemble your products in case the instruction booklet is damaged or lost.

Videos offer a powerful boost to your help center by showing as well as telling. Many people are visual or audio learners and can understand your FAQ information far more clearly when faced with quick-answer videos and helpful how-to videos. That’s where drop-shipping videos come in handy.

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#2 Building Trust with Your Audience

Video marketing gives you the opportunity to build familiarity and trust with your audience. Show your customers who your brand really is behind the logo and the web page. Make videos that feature your real team or spotlight how your product has positively impacted customers. Showing your personal side helps your client see your drop-shipping brand as more than just a company – you are real people who care about the needs of your customers and the quality of the goods you sell.

#3 Testimonials and Review Sharing

Videos also make an eye-catching vehicle for sharing customer reviews. Today’s audiences use reviews to decide how much they trust a company. An outflow of glowing reviews is a good sign that your company takes good care of your customers. Take your best reviews and build them into video content. Pick out the ones that show real emotion or share how your product truly helped the reviewer. These powerful and honest messages speak strongly to new customers and even returning customers to build trust in your brand.

If you have any positive reviewers who are willing to film a short testimonial, these can become powerful assets all by themselves. Each testimonial forms another ‘episode’ in your video series connecting directly to your audience. These kinds of drop-shipping videos are the core to building social proof.

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#4 Telling Brand Stories

Brand stories are a known method of sharing the personality, mission, and impact of your brand with the audience. Start with your founding story, it’s often the easiest story for founders to tell. Then collect more brand stories to share through compelling, heart-warming, and funny videos. Besides, ask your team about their stories. Ask your audience through social media to share their own stories related to your brand and spotlight the most powerful stories in your video content.

#5 Sharing User-Generated Content

Therefore, user-generated content is more important than ever today. With audiences putting more trust in each other’s reviews than in company hype, natural and honest messages from your users can sometimes be the best marketing assets you could possibly have. Above all, services like Billo make it possible to transform the content you get from your social media audience into beautiful videos that will make your audience feel truly connected to the brand.

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Companies often build strong online followings due to the online nature of the business. If your company is looking for a boost in online attention, customer care quality, and marketing impact, try visual communication production. You don’t even need a studio. Check out the Billo marketplace to commission all of your drop-shipping video marketing content.

Arnoldas Rogoznyj
July 20, 2021

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