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Wellness Influencers

Wellness Influencers
Joe Tobin
Wellness Influencers
Joe Tobin

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Wellness Influencers

With the wellness industry growing rapidly, it has become one of the most lucrative, with billions of dollars flowing through it. Yet, there is still room for growth with people around the world becoming more aware of a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

If you are thinking of becoming one of the top wellness influencers, take a look at the guidelines we have ready for you. To make people aware on social media about their overall health, you need to have a presence on Instagram and other platforms.

Let’s jump right in and take a closer look at how to become the right influencer to all your followers on your social media platform.

What Is a Wellness Blogger

Wellness bloggers from around the world form a society of typical or everyday individuals who encourage others to achieve their healthy living goals. These wellness bloggers are those who are becoming wellness influencers to those who follow them and share their posts regularly.

Wellness Influencers
Image by Mircea – See my BEST collection from Pixabay

These bloggers will help their followers follow a healthy lifestyle for themselves and all their friends and loved ones. Because good health goes hand in hand with happiness, they become influencers for a holistic lifestyle to all their followers.

Most of these health influencers will do this in their spare time while having a life or even a career of their own. Many wellness bloggers are best-selling authors with many readers of their books and even more followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

You will find different motivational quotes that inspire thousands of users on the Instagram website and other platforms on their blogs. You can also find great food tips and recipes that will help to improve your overall wellness and improved lifestyle.

Types Of Wellness Influencers

There are many different types of wellness influencers on Instagram, including diet experts and fitness experts, to teach you about health and your body. Most followers of wellness influencers need someone to coach them about healthy life and real food to gain optimal shape. In essence, a wellness influencer is a holistic lifestyle coach while also teaching people about health and happiness.

wellness influencers
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How To Become an Influencer

Wellness influencers do not become popular overnight. Mostly, it takes time and effort and a whole lot of planning from their side. We take a look at ways some of the popular wellness influencers use to get a larger following on Instagram, for instance.

First Things First

The first step you need to take to become a wellness influencer on Instagram is to create an Instagram account. Just search the main page of the Instagram website on Google and create your Instagram profile by following the easy onscreen steps.

Lots Of Content

Content is very important when it comes to creating a presence on any social media platforms out there and even more on Instagram. For wellness purposes, the content you post on your Instagram account must be about motivation and relevant to everything about health and beauty.

Wellness Influencers

You will find that some of the influencers concentrate on stuff like fitness for women and the equipment for that because that is their target. If your content is well-themed, viewers will know what your blog is about, and that is our next topic to concentrate on.

Get the Right Niche

It is important to get the right niche for your Instagram posts that are related to health and happiness. There are many different niches you can choose from in the health and happiness industry, so do your homework to have the right content for Instagram users.

Themed content

The content that you post on Instagram must have a theme relevant to what you want to influence your viewers about. If it is a healthy recipe to help your followers have a healthier lifestyle, then it must contain all the information for just that.

Should you want to influence people about self-love and self-care, your content should be about yoga and other ways to achieve that. If you want to promote a brand, the content on your blog should be themed accordingly to focus on what you want them to see.

Be the Expert

Whenever you want to make your followers on Instagram aware of their health and nutrition, put yourself out as an expert on the topic. Find interesting ways to help them discover easy ways to look after their bodies and overall wellness through food.

Wellness Influencers

To teach followers about wellness and health, you need to become a happiness researcher yourself to show them you know what you are talking about. The top influencers you see on Instagram, and other social media platforms always seem to know their topics and their audience well.

You will have much more influence if you seem well versed on the topic, so teaching them something in your content will help. With all the knowledge you gain from research, you may just become a best-selling author without even planning to do it.

Viewers love good advice to follow for their overall wellness and will be happy for any tips you may throw their way. Becoming a wellness influencer is mostly about public relations and how well you know the nutritional value of healthy diets and clean beauty.

Get Connected With the Right Connections

With this, we do not mean getting an internet connection but starting to build your connection base in the industry you are in. That simply means if you want to promote a brand or brands connected to wellness, find connections in companies that sell those things.

To widen your connection network, you should follow those companies you want to work with and create keynote blogs about them. You should also tag them in your blog so they will become aware of you and give you work in the future.

The main goal of becoming an influencer is to get paid by the companies while promoting their brands and doing what you love.

Be Consistent

We already talked about creating and posting as much content as possible, which brings us to this tip to become a wellness influencer. A weekly podcast may not be enough to become a health and wellness influencer for women on Instagram.

Influencers will have to post daily on Instagram about the body, a healthy life, food nutrition, and fitness so that viewers will notice you. This will help to have a better brand presence on the social media platform, so more content on your daily posts means more viewers.

You are all about health, so all content should be about healthy living and how to achieve your goal via exercises such as yoga. Your overall health is about fitness, nutrition, and the right food, so you need to teach your followers through relevant content on a regular basis.

Make Use Of Experts

When you create your blogs and Instagram podcasts, you need to be the best, which can only be done by doing it well. For all your images, it is good to find a visual imagery expert if you are not one yourself to be better than the rest.

You need to find an expert food photographer for health food recipes or just become one yourself to show you have what it takes. You can also use a health expert if you know one to teach you the ways about personal health and wellness.

There are many online courses you can enroll in to become a health expert yourself if you are up to the challenge. This will give you an edge if you need to provide tips and advice about health and wellness to the followers of your Instagram account.

To post good videos on your Instagram feed, you need to create interesting videos that will capture the audience, and they will share. There is great video content creation software available, and one of them is the very popular Billo App for the best Instagram videos Ads.

video banner

Delicious Recipes

Posting about delicious food on your Instagram account will make your viewers aware that you care about the health and a good life. Influencers should keep their daily Instagram feed up to date with good recipes about delicious food.

Healthy Recipes

To become a wellness influencer, your recipes must be about the best food, which includes gluten-free food and plant-based food. Your Instagram feed should be about healthy food that will help your viewers get their optimal shape while living a good life.

Learn From The Best

We all need to start somewhere, so to become an influencer on Instagram, you can learn from those who are already in the top spots.

  • Thrive Global

This is a website created by an influencer that helps younger generations to live better with reduced stress and a positive outlook.

Thrive Global website
Image source:
  • Wellnourished

You will find lots of information by looking at top influencers’ Instagram accounts, such as wellnourished, who built a large community. 

Wellnourished website
Image source:
  • Yogainspiration

Other Instagram accounts you can look at are yogainspiration created by Alo to inspire you to be fit and happy.

yogainspiration website
Image source:
  • Lauren_bongiorno

For good inspiration, see lauren_bongiorno to learn how to make it to the top as a social media influencer.

risely website
Image source:


You can see that to become an influencer, you need to take care of your viewers and followers in the form of interesting content. Luckily there are great ways to achieve your goal to rise to the top spots on Instagram and have a popular website.

Go and get your Instagram profile ready to become an influencer to inspire others to achieve their goals.

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