Tom Slipkus
  • Copywriter
  • Content creator
  • SaaS
  • Email strategist

Tom Slipkus

Tom Slipkus is an email strategist helping SaaS companies onboard users, reduce churn, and drive sales in the process. When he’s not digging through customer research or coming up with the perfect subject line, Tom also pens insightful articles about marketing and building lasting relationships with customers.


  • Over the 11+ years as a freelance copywriter and content creator, worked with dozens of startups and agencies around the world.
  • Honed copywriting skills under the likes of Samar Owais, Joana Wiebe of Copyhackers, and Lukas Resheske.
  • Was on a path to become a classical musician, but stumbled into the world of marketing and never looked back.