App publisher slashes CPI rates and scales marketing with Billo

Bickster scaled the Chatster app's marketing efforts to over $60K thanks to Billo's targeted video ad and UGC creation services.


CPI (Cost per Install) drop


lower CPA when using Billo creatives


Facebook spend increase with Billo videos


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Billo's been great for us! I've had clients in the past that don't have any video and they're expecting something fast. I'm not a video producer, but I can tap Billo and get 10 videos for a grand and now we've got our starting toolkit.


Head of Growth, Bickster

Bickster, a dynamic app publishing company, amplifies its app portfolio’s market presence across health/wellness, productivity, and AI industries through Billo’s targeted video ad and UGC creation services.

Pat, the Head of Growth at Bickster, oversees the company’s expansion efforts in a highly competitive digital landscape. 

The primary challenge? Enhancing paid acquisition strategies to drive app downloads and engagement efficiently. Bickster’s search for a solution led them to Billo, a platform celebrated for its ease of use, affordability, and ability to connect brands with a wide range of content creators.


Highlighting value to improve ad performance

In the fast-paced app industry, Bickster sought to differentiate its diverse portfolio through compelling video content that could effectively communicate the value and functionality of its apps. The goal was to lower Cost Per Install (CPI) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) while increasing Click-Through Rates (CTR) for their digital ad campaigns.


Developing content and analyzing performance

Integrating Billo into Bickster’s growth strategy was a smooth process, characterized by a cycle of content development, launch, analysis, and iteration. While the journey involved navigating minor challenges with creator responsiveness and adherence to instructions, these hurdles were efficiently managed, allowing Bickster to focus on optimizing their campaigns.

Positive outcomes

Better all around ad performance

Billo’s UGC has been instrumental in elucidating Bickster’s app offerings through engaging video content, providing prospective users with clear, relatable insights into the apps’ features and benefits. This strategic approach has resulted in notable improvements across key performance indicators, including:

Lower CPI: Dramatic reductions in the cost associated with acquiring new app installs.

Evolving CPA: Ongoing efforts to reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

Enhanced CTR: Increased engagement with ad campaigns, indicating higher interest and relevance among the target audience.

Future plans and recommendations

Expanding use of Billo videos

Encouraged by the success of their collaborations, Bickster plans to expand its use of Billo’s services across its app portfolio. This strategy reflects a commitment to leveraging UGC as a cornerstone of Bickster’s marketing efforts, aiming to further enhance app visibility and engagement.

For companies contemplating Billo’s services, Pat’s advice is clear: the platform offers an accessible, efficient, and cost-effective route to acquiring high-quality video content. Billo’s ability to streamline the content creation process makes it an invaluable tool for brands looking to enhance their digital marketing initiatives with minimal risk.

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