Intelligence Media

Marketing agency uses Billo to boost ROAS and increase net profit

Intelligence Media achieved a substantial 14.5% increase in ROAS, driving significant revenue and profit growth for their clients.


increase in total sales in just two months


boost in net profit


ROAS improvement using Billo ads


Apps & Digital Services

Performance platforms

TikTok, Meta

Company type


We immediately published the first ad variations with Billo’s recommended structure, we didn't edit anything, and it already worked better than our previous ads. Our ROAS was better and acquisition costs went down. We were able to scale larger because of that.


CEO, Intelligence Media

Jorens, the CEO of Intelligence Media, leads a company dedicated to propelling eCommerce brands to the milestone of $1 million in monthly revenue through performance marketing. A marketing agency specializing in the eCommerce sector, Intelligence Media has carved a niche in scaling brands efficiently and effectively.


Reducing bottlenecks in video content production 

The primary obstacle Intelligence Media faced was the slow and cumbersome process of manually sourcing video content that resonated with specific target audiences. This challenge was compounded by the need for high-quality video ads and user-generated content (UGC) that could effectively engage audiences on platforms like TikTok and Meta. 

The difficulty in finding experienced content creators who could deliver converting creatives further impeded their ability to scale their clients’ campaigns. Creatives from other sources were delivered appearing “too professional” or “not professional enough” and didn’t achieve meaningful, worthwhile results.  


Using flexible creator briefs to maintain authenticity

The integration of Billo into Intelligence Media’s workflow was seamless, encountering no notable challenges. Intelligence Media provides briefs with multiple options allowing creators to choose their preferred hooks, body, and CTAs to better align with their individual style. 

Letting Billo creators take the lead has resulted in more “real”, organic videos that blend better into feed on nearly every platform.

On the brand side, Intelligence Media runs primarily TikTok and Meta ads with Billo creatives and also encourages clients to post the content on all of their organic channels (webpages) and social accounts (Facebook, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, etc.). 

The platform’s intuitive design and efficient customer support quickly resolved a minor issue with the revision request feature, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience and facilitating rapid content creation.

Positive outcomes

Faster and more diverse videos for less

Partnering with Billo delivered several key benefits for Intelligence Media:

Efficiency and quality: Access to experienced and affordable content creators significantly sped up the content creation process while enhancing the quality of the output. 

Diverse creator selection: Intelligence Media was able to quickly source women creators aged 50+ and 60+ to meet a client’s preferred demographic. 

Cost-effectiveness: Billo offered a more affordable solution compared to traditional content sourcing methods, enabling scalable content production without compromising on quality.

Future plans and recommendations

Scaling and white-label solutions 

Intelligence Media plans to further integrate Billo into their operational workflow and explore potential white-label solutions to enhance profitability. After successfully providing two clients with Billo videos and achieving positive results, they plan to scale to 10+ clients in the near future. 

The company’s experience with Billo has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to a strong endorsement of the platform to other firms seeking to improve their content creation processes and achieve better marketing ROI.

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