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How To Create Sales Increasing Product Videos In 5 Steps

How To Create Sales Increasing Product Videos In 5 Steps
Joe Tobin
How To Create Sales Increasing Product Videos In 5 Steps
Joe Tobin

After bouncing around tech start-ups and university literature programs, Joe has finally settled down as Billo’s Head of Content. Joe now spends his days writing ads about ads, teaching clients how to craft killer content, and combing through our web copy with a bold red Sharpie.



There are several ways to increase sales for a business. For eCommerce platforms, the approach will need to be different.

Therefore, the ultimate game-changing strategy for increasing sales had to be found. 

One of the strategies that can increase sales is product video marketing. Many E-commerce platforms market their products today through the use of videos.

The videos require minimal effort when you use an online video editor. But is it enough? 

There are some aspects that we need to consider while making these videos. Today, we will discuss five steps to create a product video that enhances sales.

But before we get to business, shall we find out what a product video is?

So, What Is A Product Video?

Knowing what a product video is will help us understand how we can make them effectively.

A product video is essentially a video that talks about your product, describes how to use it, and eventually recommends it to the users targeted. 

An excellent example of a product video is this bonfire talking about the product; a stove.


One of the best things about creating a product video is that budget is not a constraint; there are many video editor websites that we can use for free to get started.

Now that we have understood a product video, let us discuss how we can create sales-increasing videos.

How To Create Sales Increasing Product Video

We all know that sales are a crucial part of our businesses. Therefore, we must plan carefully to create product videos to turn our sales around.

Below are five steps to creating product videos that will increase the sales of our products:

  1. Identify the type of product video 

Identify the message that the video needs to pass on. To increase sales, it is essential to ask important questions: 

  • How much do target customers know about the product? 
  • Do they know how to use the products?
  • Do they trust the brand?

These questions will help decide what type of product video needs to be made.

There are three product videos; demo product videos,  product close-up videos and how-to videos.

Demo Product Videos

A demo is generally a demonstration of how products work. A good demo product video will show customers the products the brand makes and educate them about them.

Product Close-up Videos

Product close-ups are videos displayed on a website’s landing page. It is usually used to give the customer an aesthetic view of a product.

How-To Videos

How-to product videos are tutorials to guide customers step-by-step on how the product can be used.

However, one can do more. That is where UGC videos come in. UGC stands for user-generated content.

With UGC, potential customers can see how other customers have benefitted from the products. 

New customers have more faith in the new products and might even try to get on the loyal customer’s list.

Below is an example of a UGC; an unboxing video of the new Nintendo Switch.–I47Ywkw


The video creates an eagerness in customers and might also create a need for it. Therefore, getting a UGC video will be beneficial for a company.

Knowing the product videos we need to create will help us create a budget; we can now prepare more adequately. 

  1. Preparations for product video

Before we start making the video, we need to make adequate preparations. We must ensure we have all the necessary equipment to make the video. 

Some of the equipment we might need for making the product video include:

  • A good camera 
  • An editing tool 
  • Lighting equipment
  1. A Good Camera

We need to invest in a good camera to shoot the perfect video. We could buy a camera or rent one from a reputed company.

A good camera should be the one that can handle all the activities that we undertake in the video. 

However, smartphones also come with benefits and can be of great use for creating product videos. 

  1. An Editing Tool

Numerous video editor websites are available online today. We must identify the ones that will work best for us when editing videos.

The editing tool we choose should also have everything we may need to have the product video coming in smoothly. One of the tools you could use is Motionbox. It’s an online video editing tool that allows people to easily create and download beautiful videos with a few clicks and It’s FREE. They now offer a feature where anyone can collaborate on editing videos remotely with colleagues and friends.

  1. Lighting Equipment

Outdoor shoots come with their light source- natural light. For indoor shoots, we must ensure proper lighting. In fact, this role applies to natural light, too- ensure that you make arrangements to highlight the product and the message. 

  1. Having the video script ready 

To have the best script for the video, you must ensure that the writing covers every aspect of the product.

This will help plan shots carefully, ensuring they are centred on the product. One thing to remember is the video type. For example, a demo video script will differ from a how-to video script. 

Writing a crisp and grammatically correct script is vital to have maximum impact. 

  1. Getting a shooting crew

Now that we know what we want for the video, we need to hire a shooting crew to help us with the technicalities of handling the camera and other gadgets.

Also, you might want to get other talents to participate in the video. To get other people to feature in the product video, we can carry out an audition and get people to sign up.

Ensure that you’ve found a suitable location to shoot the product video.

  1. Shooting the video

Once we have everything ready, it is time we record the product video. There are many videos, so make sure that yours stands out. 

Even though you might have a plan in place, do leave room for suggestions. There are a lot of ideas that may come up during the process of recording.

Once you’ve shot different parts of the video, you can now edit the video using an online video editor. 

Afterwards, post it on the landing page and social media networks so it can reach target customers.


A video is meant to be engaging; making a video to serve as an advertisement is a good strategy.

Make sure you have a plan to shoot the product video to drive sales.

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