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Jason Marc Campbell about How To Sell With Love

September 20, 2021, 3 mins read
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Jason Marc Campbell is the author of “Selling with Love.” Jason states, “The world needs you to love selling. So many good products die, and bad products thrive. Join the movement that will shift the powers into the right hands… yours.”

A lot of people in the eCommerce space do not sell effectively. At Billo Summit 2021 Jason Marc Campbell gave insights on how to shift your mindset around selling, as well as into how to sell your product boldly, proudly, and with enthusiasm, which we know is effective. 

Should We be Scared of Sales?

Sales is portrayed as negative in entertainment. However, it is where everything begins and ends. If you don’t have any sales, you don’t have any revenue, which means you don’t have a business. Sales are an essential part of any business. 

There is a lot of shame associated with sales, but it should be your primary activity for any business, especially if you are a small business owner.  

Sales generally solves all other problems within a company. Generating sales is the first hurdle for your business. After that, you can start generating a profit and working on orders and systems, but the number one thing will always be to drive sales, which means you have to embrace sales for your business.  

Fear is the Biggest Sales Enemy

Suppose you feel resistance to picking up the phone and closing that order or pushing for sales on social media. In that case, it’s generally a sentiment that people will not want to do business with you, but how can you generate sales if you don’t ask or advertise for them? 

Most of the resistance to sales comes from fear. Fear of rejection, losing business, and failure are the driving forces for resistance to selling your product. Sales requires you to accept rejection far more than the average job. 

There is also a resistance to asking for more based on what we’ve been taught as children. We learned that ‘no means no’ and to ‘not ask for more.’ This leads to a feeling of shame, resistance to seeking more in sales, or other aspects of our lives, such as asking for a salary increase. 

Ask yourself two questions when selling a product. First – what is the impact on the buyer for purchasing your product? Then ask – what is the impact of your activities on the world? For example, people buy Teslas not only because of the car’s design but also because their values align with the company’s mission. People will pay a premium if their values align with the mission of a company. 

Key Takeaway

The best thing you can do for your brand is to sell your product with love for the product and the consumer. Take into account the impact your product/ service has on the world; try to align your mission with the values of your consumers. This will allow you to go out there and make the impact you have always wanted!

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