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Marketing Video Production

Marketing Video Production
Joe Tobin
Marketing Video Production
Joe Tobin

After bouncing around tech start-ups and university literature programs, Joe has finally settled down as Billo’s Head of Content. Joe now spends his days writing ads about ads, teaching clients how to craft killer content, and combing through our web copy with a bold red Sharpie.

Marketing Video Production

Every brand or service out there is looking for ways to build its brand identity and gain the attention of its target demographic. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in video content that encompasses compelling visuals with creative storytelling. Marketing Video Production is one of the fastest ways to spread your message.

marketing team

That means that as a production company, the marketing of your business and services is vitally important to attracting clients. So how do you market your series to do just that? It can be challenging, but above all else, you have to develop a compelling value proposition for these brands and entrepreneurs.

Below we are going to look at that and so much more, so without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Why Use A Video Production Company For Your Marketing Campaign

As a video production company, you need to really get the message across of why video is so important to any marketing campaign in this day and age. On top of that, you also have to explain why your services are needed to ensure they have a successful video marketing strategy.

Your own website, as well as social media, needs to portray that message clearly and in an entertaining/engaging way. Video is one of the forms of marketing content that gives the best ROI.

new marketing campaign

It stops the scroll and tends to improve impressions and engagement, so the video is exactly what any marketing campaign strategy needs.

Making sure that message is present when you are marketing your services is crucial, but so too is offering the potential client value for their investment. When they opt to use your services, they get access to time-saving services as well as high-quality equipment.

Let your target audience know that you offer experience and creativity that they can utilize to market themselves in the most effective way possible. On top of that, they get customized videos with an outside perspective, and that is why they should invest in your services.

Types Of Marketing Videos & Services Offered By Video Production Companies

Building brand awareness and creating lead generation can be done in many ways, but having quality content like well-produced video projects will elevate the success of any marketing campaign.

Branded video content created by professional video production services can be marketed through many avenues.

Here is a look at some different types of services provided and how they can be marketed to your potential clients:

Social Media Videos

Engaging video content is important and one of the places you can get the most bang for your buck on social media platforms. You can use social media platforms to share branded content and host promotional videos showing your work (like a portfolio).

Making sure you tout your video production services and how you create your video strategy may be one of those videos. Let your potential customers know that you utilize search engine optimization for their marketing goals.

Social media channels allow for a wider net when it comes to digital marketing. Here are some ideas of how to market your video productions services:


This social media platform is king when it comes to video content. The platform has billions of viewers every day and so utilizing YouTube to market your services would be very beneficial. The platform is also the second-largest search engine behind its host company, Google.

You can market your video marketing services by creating brand videos displaying the BTS of your previous videos.

You can also allow the experts on your production team or sales team to do their own videos, like how-to videos that pertain to your services. Another great way to market your production services is to post customer testimonials.


facebook for video production

Facebook has a lot of features that your video production company can use to create content strategies for your potential customers. This social media platform is designed to be able to create video content that is intended for your customers’ target audience easily.

By using the platform’s algorithms and data retention, you can target your marketing videos directly to exactly who needs your services the most. This is why when it comes to marketing your production company, making sure to include Facebook in your marketing strategy is just as vital for you as it is for your customers.


Recently the CEO of Instagram made quite a controversial statement when he said the future of Instagram is video. With the metrics, they studied (video views have increased by approximately 150%), it is clear that video content is the wave of marketing in the future and more video content needs to be aimed at the platform to ensure you are building your brand credibility.

The good news is that as a video production company, you can take advantage of that for your brand and your clients as well. You can use Instagram video to let your target audience understand your companies mission statement and drive traffic to your landing page.


twitter marketing strategy

Twitter can be used in your marketing strategy too. This will be the perfect place for quick snippets and quick videos that address technical solutions. You can also use Twitter to link to a blog post on your website to drive more traffic to your site.


LinkedIn is also a great plan to host a video discussing your business’s mission statement and to share knowledge about video production and digital marketing solutions.

Setting up your page with a custom video, introducing your team and your process when it comes to video marketing, would be an excellent way to market your video company.

Product Videos

There are many video projects that can be deemed as product videos. The key to creating video content in this category is to create a call to action that is undeniable and boosts your marketing efforts.

product videos

Like with any video project, your product video should deliver your companies message in a simple to understand way.

The final video should be crafted to drive traffic to your website and build a relationship with potential clients. If done properly, this will, in the end, elevate your salad and build up your client portfolio.

Lifestyle Videos

A lifestyle video will allow your company to market its video production services and show the personality of you and your team. This will help build credibility and trust in your video creation capabilities.

Lifestyle videos need to focus on the setting and quality and be wrapped up with a strong CTA at the end of the video. There is no need for fancy visual effects or elaborate motion graphics.

These videos are more about the human aspect of your company’s services, which is why they are so successful when it comes to video marketing.

Documentary Videos

If you’re looking to include a brand video that tells your company’s story, then a documentary setup would be a smart choice that can suit your business well.

This video project should tell a clear story and explain to your potential clients why your company’s message is what it is.

Hosting Videos

Maybe your client already has a good video ready for uploading, but they don’t have a place to host it. This is why offering uploading and hosting service can serve to increase your business is a good addition.

So let those clients that are considering your services know which hosting platforms you have available to them.

You can create videos by walking them through the process you do when uploading their videos, as well as the benefits of each of the platforms you use for hosting.

Tips for Successful Video Marketing

engaging videos

You have to prove your credibility, which means outlining how you create an engaging video that improves the client’s video marketing strategy.

Story Not Sales

You want to talk about your companies focus on storytelling and not being salesy. No one wants to watch a video that is all about the company and not what their product or services can do for them. So making it very clear that you want to build the client’s marketing campaign on the back of their story will help drive your sales.

Hook Them Quickly

The truth is that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. This means that to hook a potential client, you have to make sure your hook is within the first few lines of your post or in the first few seconds of your promotional video.

Target Your Audience

You want to search ads for other production companies and look at what they are doing. This will give you a good idea of what methods they are using to target the right clients.

Visual Storytelling

Any new video you are posting needs to be able to be understood. If it is without sound, this means your visual storytelling has to be on point at all times.

Having engaging imagery that can be understood without sound or with options can open up more choices for you. So make sure your videos use motion graphics and nice color pallets that bring the clients into your world.

Call To Action

Depending on what the video is trying to do, your CTA will be very important. Whether you are trying to boost your company’s social media presence or trying to get an individual or brand to purchase your services, your CTA needs to be clear and precise.

Search Engines

Your SEO efforts are super important too. You need to really make sure that your site shows up when searched, and that is only done with proper SEO optimization of everything from your website to your social media posts.


Video may be powerful, but even more powerful than a simple promotional video is one that can pull in another audience that may be unfamiliar with your product. Collaborations or working with influencers is a good way to do this and should be considered in your marketing strategy.

Video Production Process

Making your process very clear is also key to inciting trust with any client. You should have a breakdown that covers pre-production, the actual production, as well as post-production.

process of video production

Allowing your clients into the secrets of your pre-production or post-production processes will show your transparency which will build trustworthiness before starting a project with them.


Even though we have delivered a lot of information above, there are probably still a few questions you may have when it comes to marketing your business.

Below we have answered a few of the most commonly asked questions online.

How do you market video production services?

There are a lot of ways you can market the series your video production company offers you and utilize strategically placed videos on social media platforms that can be tied to blog posts on your website. You can create a video for each aspect of your process and share it on YouTube.

Is video production part of marketing?

Video production is a key part of any marketing campaign. Video is something that drives a high conversion and builds better engagements.

Nowadays, the use of video in marketing is more beneficial than any other form of content.

What is video production in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is part of the production process that uses visual storytelling and images to sell a brand’s message. It is one part of a marketing strategy alongside written copy and print media.

It can encompass many different types of videos and should combine multiple types of video marketing, including the use of several social media platforms and embedded videos on websites and within blog posts.

Final Thoughts

Video production companies can help brands and entrepreneurs save time and money while creating dynamic content strategies that help increase conversations and engagement with their products and services.

You can build quite a reputation for your business if you utilize the tools you have at your disposal. Taking the time to give your business the same treatment as you would your clients, you should be able to market your services properly.

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