Marmalade Co.

Baby product brand boosts social media presence with Billo

Marmalade Co. finds Billo creators capable of capturing and holding children’s (and their parents’) attention.

  • Streamlined video content creation and reduced production time
  • Saw early signs of improved engagement and overall ad performance


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With Billo, there were no issues. Everything was seamless. Pleasant user experience. It let me acquire UGC content for my social media campaigns with much less time sourcing a creator, following up, payments, etc.


Founder, Marmalade Co.

Marmalade Co. is a direct-to-consumer eCommerce brand dedicated to enriching the lives of babies and children through its innovative and engaging range of toys and baby products. With a focus on quality and creativity, Marmalade Co. aims to bring joy and learning to young ones while simplifying parents’ lives with practical, fun solutions.

Under the leadership of founder James Jung, Marmalade Co. sought to connect with its niche audience more effectively by leveraging authentic and creative content.


Reaching niche market with engaging content

The primary challenge faced by Marmalade Co. was reaching its very niche market segment with content that resonated and engaged. Recognizing the need for a diverse range of creators to produce relatable and targeted video ads, James turned to Billo to overcome the obstacles of creator sourcing, management, and content production.


Fast onboarding with Billo’s seamless process

Integrating Billo into Marmalade Co.’s marketing workflow was seamless, with no significant challenges during onboarding. The process was described as pleasant and efficient, allowing for a smooth transition to using Billo’s services for content creation.

Positive outcomes

Faster content production and potential for growth

Billo provided Marmalade Co. with significant advantages:

Streamlined content creation: Billo enabled Marmalade Co. to obtain high-quality UGC for social media campaigns efficiently, significantly reducing the time and effort required in sourcing creators, managing follow-ups, and processing payments.

Focus on business priorities: The collaboration with Billo allowed James to allocate more time to other critical business priorities, ensuring content creation did not fall by the wayside during busier periods.

Preparation for future engagement: While still in the process of testing the effectiveness of the UGC content, Marmalade Co. is optimistic about the potential impact on engagement and sales, planning to continue utilizing Billo for future content needs.

Future plans and recommendations

Building on initial results with more content creation

Marmalade Co. intends to maintain its partnership with Billo for ongoing content creation, valuing the platform’s low barrier to entry and the quality of the UGC produced. 

James recommends other companies to try Billo’s services, highlighting the cost-effectiveness and ease of use as key benefits. James suggests the introduction of an option to acquire B-roll footage from creators, which would offer additional versatility and creative freedom in content creation.

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