Blog Social Media Marketing 15 Niche Influencers Setting Trends on Social Media in 2024

15 Niche Influencers Setting Trends on Social Media in 2024

15 Niche Influencers Setting Trends on Social Media in 2024
Joe Tobin
15 Niche Influencers Setting Trends on Social Media in 2024
Joe Tobin

After bouncing around tech start-ups and university literature programs, Joe has finally settled down as Billo’s Head of Content. Joe now spends his days writing ads about ads, teaching clients how to craft killer content, and combing through our web copy with a bold red Sharpie.

Tom Slipkus
Tom Slipkus
Tom Slipkus
Tom Slipkus

Tom Slipkus is an email strategist helping SaaS companies onboard users, reduce churn, and drive sales in the process. When he’s not digging through customer research or coming up with the perfect subject line, Tom also pens insightful articles about marketing and building lasting relationships with customers.

niche influencers

86% of marketers like to work with influencers with less than 100,000 followers, compared to just 17% who choose to work with celebrity influencers with over a million followers. And it’s not hard to see why.

Smaller influencers are not only more affordable, but they also usually have more engaged and loyal followers who are more likely to respond to recommendations. That’s especially true when the influencer you work with has a well-defined niche that matches your brand and products.

But finding the right niche micro influencer for your needs can be tricky. Unlike social media figures with millions of followers, smaller creators typically are harder to discover.

That’s where this guide can be helpful. Read on to discover some of the most interesting niche influencers on different social media platforms and learn the best way to find creators. But first, let’s explore the niche influencer definition.

What Are Niche Influencers?

A niche influencer is someone who has built a following online by creating content around a specific interest or area of expertise. While the term may have slightly different meanings, most of the time it comes down to these traits:

  • Focus. Compared to influencers who create a variety of content and cater to broader audiences, niche influencers focus on a narrow niche or area that they cover almost exclusively. With niche influencers, you’ll rarely find something that goes beyond the original intent of the account.
  • Expertise. Being a niche influencer usually requires the person to have a deep understanding about the topic they’re covering. This means they either have education or extensive experience in the field, sharing in-depth insights and ideas that others find useful.
  • Passion. Niche influencers typically have a strong passion for what they cover, which helps create a stronger bond with the following and compensate for the (sometimes) smaller following.

While niche influencers often have a smaller following because they don’t cater to broad audiences, that’s not necessarily the case. There are examples of creators who manage to maintain a consistent and narrow niche even though they have millions of followers.

Let’s look at examples of niche creators on different social media platforms.


Even though niche Instagram accounts aren’t always easy to find, there are plenty of fascinating creators who are doing a great job of catering to a very specific audience. Here are a few examples of niche influencers on Instagram.

Trader Joe’s Kitchen (@traderjoeskitchen): 416K Followers

Trader Joe’s Kitchen may seem like another food social media page, but what separates it from others is a hyper-focused niche. As the name implies, Trader Joe’s Kitchen showcases recipes and foods that can be found in Trader Joe’s, offering followers countless ideas on how to prepare delicious meals using the produce you can find at the chain store.

Trader Joe’s typically attracts savvier shoppers, and the channel has built a huge following by showing how anyone can prepare amazing meals that are affordable using the huge selection of items you can find.

Ikea Hackers (@ikeahackersofficial): 418K Followers

Ikea Hackers is a channel showing the amazing variety of ways you can upscale and completely reshape affordable Ikea furniture items. You can learn how to turn two single SLÄKT trundle beds into a huge king-size bed or turn six mini chests into a unique-looking narrow cabinet.

The furniture from Ikea already has a reputation for offering great value, and this account was able to attract almost half a million of subscribers by taking already practical items and making them better or at least more interesting.

Rebecca Pytell (@rebeccagf666): 13.1K Followers

Rebecca Pytell’s social media presence is all about catering to the needs of people who have dietary restrictions. She has built a small but engaged following by sharing easy recipes that are gluten-free, allergy conscious, and vegan.

You’ll find delicious veggie-packed tater tots made with just two ingredients, amazing chickpea tuna salad, and even vegan brownies ideal for those who have a sweet tooth.

By catering to a very narrow audience, Rebecca has found a niche with very little competition, providing her a great opportunity to build a small but loyal following.

Bonsai Empire (@bonsaiempire): 162K Followers

Growing and caring for bonsai trees is a hobby that unites millions of people around the world. That’s why it’s not surprising that an Instagram account dedicated to educating people on how to make their bonsai trees thrive has managed to rack up an impressive number of followers.

Bonsai Empire offers helpful content around how to create, nurture, and care for bonsai trees in a variety of situations, providing educational tips and even entire courses on the subject.

Marianna | Parrot Wizard (@trainedparrot): 118K Followers

The Parrot Wizard channel shares tips for how to take care of and train parrots, with a focus on ensuring the parrot’s welfare and happiness. By creating content that exclusively centers on parrots, this creator has managed to amass a considerable following, utilizing a mix of educational and fun content to drive engagement.

You can learn a lot about how parrots live, their habits, and how owners should take care of them to ensure they’re happy. Of course, you’ll also discover ways to teach your parrot tricks, as well as good habits, with detailed steps and tips for dealing with different parrot types.


TikTok has more than 1.5 billion active monthly users in 2024, so it’s not surprising that the platform is a great place to find niche influencers covering almost any topic imaginable. Let’s look at a few creators who are excelling at creating relevant, useful, and authentic content on the platform that’s catered to younger Gen Z audiences.

Michela | Break Your Budget (@breakyourbudget): 840K Followers

Break Your Budget has a huge following for a niche influencer, but that’s because the theme of personal finance advice for young professionals has such a broad appeal with social media audiences.

Michela does a great job offering practical and easily applicable advice on budgeting, earning more, progressing the career, and setting clear financial goals. She also shares various ideas on how to live a more practical life, including things you should stop doing to achieve financial goals and the most important financial metrics people should track.

DailyWatch (@dailywatch): 36K Followers


The $49,500 USD Louis Vuitton Escale Spin Time Meteorite 41. Its unique in-house movement offers a new way to tell the time, with 12 rotating cubes giving the watch a new face every hour [x 24]. All credit: @swisswatches

♬ Rich boy check – Carson Evans

The premise behind the DailyWatch channel is simple: every week, you’ll see some of the most exclusive, luxurious, and unique watches to inspire your next purchase or just allow you to admire the exceptional craftsmanship.

The channel uses a mix of product showcases and humor to keep the viewers engaged, with the videos often getting hundreds of thousands of views despite the channel having just over 35 thousand followers.

Brittany Minetti (@brittminetti): 69K Followers

Brittany Minetti is a TikTok niche influencer who provides tips on taking care of curly hair. She has carved out a solid following by going very specific with her niche and showcasing her expertise in managing curly hair, selecting the right care products, experimenting with hairstyles, and avoiding common mistakes.

On top of that, Brittany has a positive personality that has helped her nurture an engaged and focused following of people with curly hair, which is great for product promotions and partnerships with brands catering to similar audiences.

Lily | Sustainable Fashion (@imperfectidealist): 73K Followers

Lily is a sustainable fashion influencer sharing tips on how to become better at shopping for clothes in a way that reduces the negative impact of fast fashion. You’ll find practical advice for becoming more conscious of what you buy and will even learn how to improve the clothes you have using a few simple steps.

What makes Lily’s sustainable fashion channel so appealing is her practical and down to earth approach. Without any judgment, she considers the challenges people might face when trying to become more sustainable, offering realistic suggestions that anyone can try.

Lauren | Petite Fashion (@laurendombrowerr): 113K Followers

There are countless fashion influencers on TikTok and other platforms. But few of them offer advice as tailored as Lauren, who caters specifically to women 4’11 and shorter.

She focuses on helping shorter women find clothes and styles that work well for petite body types, while also emphasizing body positivity and utilizing relatable content to form a stronger connection with her audience.


YouTube is a great platform for influencers because it offers the opportunity to create in-depth, long-form content that’s ideal for product reviews, unboxing videos, and other content that’s easy to monetize. Let’s look at a few creators who have built a niche following by providing value in a well-defined niche.

The Quantified Scientist (@TheQuantifiedScientist): 249K Subscribers

The Quantified Scientist may sound like a science channel, but it actually has a very narrow focus: science-based wearable reviews. Rob, the person behind the channel, reviews a wide variety of wearable watches and gadgets, taking a scientific approach to evaluate how well they work, whether they provide accurate data, and if they are useful for their purpose.

If you want an unbiased and in-depth review of the newest smartwatch or want to learn whether a specific heart rate monitor does its job well, The Quantified Scientist is the channel to check out.

TheBruSho (@TheBruSho): 62K Subscribers

Many of the best niche influencer channels on social media focus on hobbies. A hobby like homebrewing may not be something most people think about, but those who develop an interest can become deeply immersed in the subject, allowing influencers like Trent Musho of TheBruSho build a loyal following.

Trent also stands out because he makes it a priority to challenge himself as a homebrewer, taking on various challenges and doing wild homebrew experiments while maintaining all of his recipes approachable and easy to try, even for complete beginners.

Matthew Posa (@MatthewPosa): 537K Subscribers

Matthew Posa might not be the only YouTuber creating content around camping, the outdoors, and surviving in the wild. But his positive outlook while camping with his dogs in extreme winter conditions has helped him amass more than half a million of followers, even when many of his videos are hours long.

Matthew also creates authentic and honest product reviews, helping less experienced hikers who want to have outdoor adventures choose the right gear for the harsh conditions they might face.

My Green Closet (@MyGreenCloset): 82K Subscribers

67% of consumers consider sustainable materials an important factor in their buying decisions. So it’s not surprising that channels like My Green Closet are gaining traction, with more people looking for practical ways to create a more sustainable, ethical, and minimal wardrobe.

Verena, the channel’s founder, creates content that helps people reduce waste through DIY projects and develop capsule wardrobes, minimizing the need for new clothes while also helping to better understand sustainability issues in the modern fashion industry.

Kerry-Lou (@kerrylou3): 125K Subscribers

Building an audience online requires a solid understanding of the target audience and its demographics. But for Kerry-Lou, the age group of her audience became the main theme of the entire channel.

She founded Silver Style Studio with the aim to help people age with style, offering helpful advice on how to look younger, stay healthy, and conquer common issues without botox, fillers, or plastic surgery.

How to Find Niche Influencers for Your Brand

The influencer marketing market size is estimated to reach $24 billion, so it’s not surprising that over 80% of marketers have a dedicated influencer marketing budget.

But while it can be incredibly lucrative, finding influencers to work with can be a hassle.

One option is to use hashtags to search for influencers in your niche, but that takes a lot of time, not to mention having to vet the creators, negotiate terms, and manage production. Another option is to use influencer marketing platforms, but they can be costly and may not offer a lot of control of the creatives.

Meanwhile, if you use a user-generated content marketplace like Billo, you can access a wide selection of pre-vetted creators, have complete control over every aspect of your project, and have an easier time scaling your efforts as quickly as you want.

Bottom Line

Niche influencers may not have the following of A-list lifestyle social media figures, but they can often have more focused and engaged audiences, which can translate to better opportunities for partnerships and product promotions.

And the creators on this list are great examples of how catering to smaller and more focused audiences can be a great approach when building an online presence.

But while working with such creators can be effective, the complicated process of finding them and working together means that most brands have better alternatives. With a platform like Billo, finding video creators for Instagram or TikTok can be much easier, offering complete control, faster delivery times, and proven creative types.

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