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Supplement brand spikes sales and engagement with Billo

Pineapple beefed up customer engagement resulting in a 10.75% ROI increase through varied, strategic placement of Billo videos.


increase in conversion rates on pages featuring Billo UGC


ROI increase with Billo videos


increase in Amazon video watch rate


Health & Wellness

Performance platforms

Meta, Amazon

Company type


Presenting real, everyday people to our customers has made a huge difference. The amount of people interacting with us and looking to purchase our product from these videos has gone up from somewhere between 30% and 50% in the past couple months.


Brand Reputation Manager, Pineapple Products

Shaun, the Brand Reputation Manager at Pineapple Products, oversees the brand management of two prominent online health supplement companies. Revival Point caters to a broad spectrum of health products, including weight loss and skincare, while Supernatural Man focuses on men’s health products.


Building brand trust and authenticity using UGC

Pineapple faced a significant challenge: engaging customers in creating video testimonials and UGC, which are crucial for building brand trust and authenticity.

The company found it difficult to motivate customers to share their experiences through video content, which limited their ability to showcase real-world benefits and customer satisfaction.


Fast development of diverse content

Pineapple leveraged Billo to address its urgent need for diverse content creation, particularly focusing on showcasing products in a relatable manner to a wider audience.

Integrating Billo into Pineapple’s workflow was a smooth process, attributed to the platform’s user-friendly interface and straightforward terms. The seamless integration process facilitated an efficient transition to using Billo’s services without any notable challenges.

Positive outcomes

Wider reach and more conversions

Utilizing Billo’s services brought about significant improvements in UGC utilization within Pineapple, enhancing brand trust and extending their reach across social media platforms and Amazon.

Expanded demographic: Interestingly, Pineapple’s Amazon manager found success targeting a slightly younger demographic (30-45 years old) with Billo’s video content, differing from the company’s usual focus on an older age group.

Increased Interest: The inclusion of UGC content has markedly improved Pineapple’s social media engagement, transforming previously static posts into interactive and shareable content. Resulting in shockingly more likes, comments, and shares.

More conversions: The implementation of Billo’s UGC led to a noticeable spike in interest and sales for products featured in the content.

Future plans and recommendations

Going beyond social media ads with UGC

Pineapple’s initial foray into UGC with Billo has been promising, with plans to further explore different video formats such as honest reviews and unboxings. This diversification aims to attract a new customer base, particularly younger consumers, ensuring the brand’s longevity.

The company’s future use of UGC extends beyond social media ads to include organic content and even sales strategies, integrating UGC videos into emails for product inquiries, demonstrating the versatile application of Billo’s content.

Shaun’s experience with Billo has been overwhelmingly positive, making it easy to recommend the platform to other companies looking to leverage UGC in today’s customer-centric market.

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