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The Ultimate Collaboration | How Brands Should Collab With Creators

September 28, 2021, 3 mins read
Ethics of research and participant recruitment

Jasper Dewitt II is an experienced Cinematographer with a demonstrated history of working as a Freelance Media Communications Consultant for several internationally recognized brands such as GrubHub, Sprint, SafeHarbor, UberEats, GoogleNews. During Billo Summit 2021 Jasper shared his insights on successful collaboration between creators and brands.

Creating great projects requires collaboration. Good collaboration is key to creating great work. If you pick and collaborate with your team well, the content will be elevated.

The Ultimate Collaboration – 7 Principles:

1. Own the Challenges

In the current market, impressions are rising, but CTRs (click-through rates) are declining. A/B testing takes passion and patience. The average conversion rate for eCommerce websites has been less than 2% for the past seven years. However, the demand for global fulfillment is growing.

2. Seek Out Driven People

Seek out the people that have the same drive you do. It doesn’t have to be in the same space, but it will lead to a great collaboration.

3. Know Your Audience

Research to find out what your audience wants, who they are, and what their interests are. More people are on Tik Tok and Instagram monthly than having watched the Super Bowl in 10 years.

4. Value the Process

Giving creative freedom is essential for collaboration, but so is yielding to creative direction. Always ask your collaborators questions and learn from each project. Exercise generative learning skills and improve the communication channels.

5. Giving and Receiving Productive Feedback

Reflect, Inquire, Suggest, Elevate. These are the key steps to giving and receiving productive feedback. Reflection allows for acknowledgment and articulation. Inquiring enables us to gather insight through analysis. Suggesting ideas leads to the overall improvement of your project. This all leads to elevating your project to the next level.

6. Challenge Your Purpose Consistently

Always challenge why your story is relevant. Brands like Apple do this constantly. Apple has perfected the art of storytelling through its product. Knowing your audience helps create your brand’s story. Knowing your audience’s wants and needs can help you tell your brand’s story in a way that appeals to them.

7. Have Fun While Doing Your Best

The last principle is to have fun while doing your best. This is your product. It’s your dream. Have fun with it and enjoy every moment. Authenticity shows through and is the best marketing tool!

Key Takeaway

Creating content requires communication and collaboration – consequently, the better the communication and cooperation, the better the content. Using the principles above will help you make the best content for your brand. Remember to enjoy the process. This is your idea, your dream coming to life. Love it and let that show!

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Ruta is Brand Communication Manager at Billo, responsible for everything visual and written. Ruta is passionate about marketing and its trends - from trusted to unique ways of building a brand. In her spare time, she is interested in art, literature, and raising her dog Vincent.

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