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Turn Your YouTube Into Your Most Profitable Revenue Stream

Arnoldas Rogoznyj
September 29, 2021

Sebastian Beja is a Youtube strategist who helps scale and grows 6-8 figure businesses through social media platforms.

Video is the most important content a brand can create. Video generates 49% faster growth in revenue, which makes video content the best content for ROI. You can also create value from existing video content by adding them to video platforms like YouTube. A third of online activity is spent watching videos, making YouTube the most powerful search engine, with over a billion hours of video content consumed daily. This drives a 157% increase in organic traffic for the business.

YouTube is the most valuable platform because it allows continuous brand awareness, customer retention, and reactivation. It has a higher conversion of new customers than other platforms. YouTube also is unique in its compound viewership. Older videos continue to get views even after years.

4 Step method on deciphering the patterns on how to make your content and messaging generate a higher ROI (ROCK):

#1 Research

Research is all about being searchable. Google and YouTube are search-based, while other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are interest-based. YouTube is used more in developing countries than even Google for searching topics. Use and to grow your search traffic, research your competitors, and monitor your niche. Use YouTube trends in Google to find what people are searching for.

#2 Optimization

Use keywords to optimize your content. This includes titles, descriptions, tags, and hashtags. The goal is to be featured in YouTube’s suggested section.

#3 Content

Content is king isn’t always true. Content is important, but optimized content is king. You have to create ten times as much content to generate the same ROI as optimized content. You can have five times as much impact with optimized content.

It is crucial to understand how people consume their content. For instance, with Instagram, people lean forward to look at their phones. Keep this content short. On YouTube, content can be longer; people lean back and watch videos comfortably on their phone, tv, or laptop. Longer content is above 5 minutes but below 12. The layers of viral videos are 20% video, 35% audio, and 45% content.

Scripting your videos should follow 3 rules: grab attentionkeep them engaged and call to action. When distributing your content, the proper distribution is key. You can have a little longer, around 10 min videos for YouTube, unlike Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

#4 Conversion

Give people one link option – too many options lead to no action. Send customers to one place where you can contact them faster.

Key Takeaway

Following the 4 steps above will bring you a higher ROI on video content. Always make sure to optimize content for best results and to distribute content correctly for the most impact. Video content has a higher ROI than static content, and YouTube is the largest search engine for videos available.

Arnoldas Rogoznyj
September 29, 2021

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