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Different Types of Commercial Advertising

Different Types of Commercial Advertising
Joe Tobin
Different Types of Commercial Advertising
Joe Tobin

After bouncing around tech start-ups and university literature programs, Joe has finally settled down as Billo’s Head of Content. Joe now spends his days writing ads about ads, teaching clients how to craft killer content, and combing through our web copy with a bold red Sharpie.

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While most of us have a general sense of what advertising entails, we frequently struggle to define precisely what it entails – and how to be successful at it!

Advertising has evolved significantly throughout time, and today, the most popular strategies are online-based. Despite this, the necessity for advertising has remained constant, as have the approaches and best practices that make for effective advertising. In this article, we’ll go over all of that.

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Advertising Based on Target Audience?

commersial visuals

Radio advertisements, internet commercials, and TV commercials are examples of commercial advertising. Allowing corporations to run brief adverts on a radio show is typically profitable. 

Banner advertisements, online video commercials, and text advertisements are all popular ways to reach out to potential clients on the internet. Other methods of advertising a product or service include TV commercials and product placement. Finally, there are print ads, which include placing adverts in newspapers and periodicals.

Radio/Audio Ads

Radio commercials are generally shorter or on par with TV commercials, and the air in between music or discussion programs. Companies may pay the show’s hosts to advertise their products as well. 

When it comes to promoting a product, many radio presenters are straightforward about it, while others never admit that they were paid to claim they enjoy or use it. 

radio ads
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These advertisements are adaptable and may be used by any size business, and have a budget more affordable than video ads or television commercials. Audio advertising may be an effective aspect of any marketing initiative, whether your firm is enormous and far-reaching or just getting started and small. Radio can reach your target audience no matter where they are. 

For the live read, the show’s host reads a commercial. It might be written in their own words based on personal experience or taken from a fact sheet supplied by the brand. 

Commercials for popular items like toothpaste and cigarettes were among the first to use live readings. Back then, the hosts would talk about the product, just as they do now. 

A firm will pay for a segment, contest, or chunk of audio broadcast advertising. They get a mention and/or a call to action for their company in exchange. The advertising that we hear again and over has first been produced then presented to an audience.

Internet Advertising

Another frequent commercial advertising method is internet advertising. Banner ads, pop-up ads, and video commercials are just a few examples of internet commercial advertising. 

On the internet, video commercials are often less than 30 seconds long and run alongside both short video snippets and full-length TV commercials. 

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Banner Ads

Banner ads are frequently seen at the top or on the sides of a web page. Finally, pop-up commercial advertising is used to force a customer to view them by appearing in front of websites and is thought to be even more audience effective than traditional video commercials. 

One of the most impressive tools for creating online ads has to be the This app comes with an affordable pricing scheme and is made to support newbies and more experienced users.

Print Advertisements

Print advertising may be found in many mediums. The cost of ads in magazines and newspapers can vary dramatically depending on readership levels and ad placement. The expenses of print advertisements such as flyers and pamphlets, on the other hand, are vastly different. 

A brand must acquire their paper materials rather than acquiring ad space in another company’s newspaper. Furthermore, the methods of distribution for these resources and the commercial must be sponsored by businesses.

Print Advertisements example
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Television Advertising

Television advertising comes in the form of TV commercials, although there are various sorts of commercial advertising that fall under this category. In most cases, you are looking at product or brand placements. 

The cost of TV commercials varies based on the size of a network’s viewership. However, these commercials are often costly for businesses and are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Television Advertising example
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What Are the Three Types of Commercials?

Image/Topical Commercials

The first one is a commercial presented as an image video. Image online videos are meant to instill trust in your business. They concentrate on the characteristics you want people to identify with your firm in the long run. 

Topical Commercial example

Image videos frequently extol the virtues of great products, outstanding customer service, and social concern. These films are ideal for reaching out to certain demographics. The primary goal of these sorts of television advertising for your organization is to increase overall brand confidence. 

Customers will link your business or brand with specific traits such as health, satisfaction, safety, or something completely different if they see an image video commercial. Similar to it is are topical TV commercials that provide an overview of the product/business.

Testimonial/Performance Proof

While the success of a product placement may vary based on the ad type, one type of television advertising that may create better sales is video testimonials. Especially ones that share consumer happiness with your audience. 

Customer testimonial videos for TV commercials don’t need a script and look best when they’re unscripted. People tend to believe what consumers say about a product’s benefits. 

The goal is to use people who look and sound like your target demographic and speak conversationally rather than reading from a script. 

It’s crucial to demonstrate your brand’s effectiveness. Commercials that give proof of effectiveness can help you gain more trust, improve sales, and raise brand recognition.

Testimonial/Performance Proof example - website
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Comparison Commercials

Lastly, come the advertisements that will compare the business/product with its competitors by highlighting the advantages of the former and the downsides of the latter. 

This type is frequently combined with convincing commercials, one of the most commonly acknowledged television ads. They use the impact of someone influential, such as an influencer, in the television ads. 

These sorts of TV advertising work best when the audience is readily persuaded, and the influencer is well-known.

Different Types of Commercial Advertising
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Wrap Up

Radio, television ads, the internet, and newspapers ads have revolutionized the world as we know it. Without the different marketing strategies, business wouldn’t be as successful, and you couldn’t get a wide variety of products/services that are solely based on popular strategies. 

We did our best to cover the different commercials and the tricks used by companies to leverage readership levels and persuade potential customers. We hope it helped, whether you are a business owner or simply an intrigued customer who wants to know more about how a commercial strategy works.

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