Good Protein

Vegan protein brand scales video production and drives sales with Billo

Good Protein achieved a 350% one-year increase in Meta spending while maintaining efficient CPA metrics with Billo video ads.


increase in video production to 30 per month.


rise in Meta spending with efficient CPA metrics.


Food & Beverage

Performance platforms

TikTok, Meta

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Within three weeks, we received engaging ads that generated high audience interaction. The urgency and authenticity of the content contributed to our best sales month of the year in November.


Digital Marketing Director, Good Protein

Marjorie, the Digital Marketing Director at Good Protein, spearheads the marketing endeavors of a company dedicated to transforming the vegan protein market landscape. 

Founded in 2019, Good Protein has quickly become a leader in providing delicious, clean, and competitively priced vegan products, all sourced from North America. 

By focusing on engaging packaging and tapping into the health trends emerging post-pandemic, Good Protein has successfully captured a considerable market share, demonstrating robust growth potential in the competitive food industry.


Navigating complicated influencer partnerships

Good Protein faced the challenge of sourcing authentic video content. The availability of influencers was vast, yet finding content creators who could not only deliver sincere reviews but also handle scripted content naturally on camera proved difficult. 

Authenticity was crucial for impactful communication, but the high costs associated with notable influencers did not align with Good Protein’s strategic objectives. 

The company needed a comprehensive platform that would facilitate seamless interaction with numerous content creators at once, aiming to boost efficiency and diversify content to meet the evolving preferences of its dynamic audience.


Connecting with the right creators 

Integrating Billo into Good Protein’s workflow was seamless. The platform’s intuitive design simplified the process of creating tasks and connecting with the right content creators, streamlining the video production process. The user-centric interface of Billo facilitated a smooth onboarding experience, enabling the marketing team to innovate and stay ahead of the latest trends in video content creation.

Positive outcomes

Building a creator network and driving sales

The partnership with Billo yielded significant benefits for Good Protein:

Efficiency and diverse talent pool: The streamlined process for task execution and access to a broad range of content creators enhanced operational efficiency and content diversity.

Cost-effective solution: Billo offered an affordable alternative to traditional influencer marketing, enabling scalable content creation without sacrificing quality.

Reliable creator network: Developing a network of dependable creators facilitated the execution of complex projects, like scripted videos, ensuring consistency in quality and alignment with Good Protein’s brand.

Boosted advertising spend and sales growth: The increase in high-quality video content allowed for a significant rise in advertising efforts and sales, especially highlighted during strategic campaigns such as Black Friday, which became the year’s top sales month.

Future plans and recommendations

Scaling video production and ad budget

Good Protein is committed to expanding its use of Billo, aiming to produce at least 50 high-quality videos monthly to support the growing marketing needs on Meta and TikTok. The company plans to increase its budget for these platforms, capitalizing on Billo’s efficient content creation ecosystem.

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