Adore Me

Lingerie brand boosts TikTok ad performance with Billo

Adore Me expanded its creative content output resulting in a 15% higher CTR and an 8% lower CPA compared to its non-Billo ads.


higher CTR for Billo video ads on TikTok


lower CPA compared to non-Billo ads on TikTok


more videos produced per month.


Apparel & Fashion

Performance platforms

TikTok, Meta

Company type


Billo creators perform really well in general. Over the past several years, many of our top ads on TikTok have been from Billo instead of the influencers we discover ourselves. We're impressed by the high-quality content from Billo creators.


Marketing Associate, Adore Me

Adore Me is a fast-growing lingerie and swimwear brand known for its inclusive sizing options, affordable price points, and personalized shopping experience, offering a wide range of styles through its online platform.

Kayla, Marketing Associate at Adore Me, orchestrates the brand’s dynamic online presence, primarily focusing on eCommerce. Adore Me’s challenge was clear: to generate a vast array of creative content for their ads within a tight timeframe and to maintain their competitive edge in the fast-paced fashion and lingerie industry.


Scaling video production quickly 

The main hurdle for Adore Me was the need for rapid content generation. The brand sought to diversify its ad creatives to enhance engagement across key social platforms, including TikTok and Meta, without sacrificing quality or brand alignment.


Taking advantage of Billo’s ease of use

Integrating Billo into Adore Me’s marketing operations was streamlined, thanks to Kayla’s direct involvement. The platform’s ease of use facilitated the monthly setup of new campaigns, although the desire for multi-user account access highlighted areas for potential improvement, particularly to involve more team members in the creative process.

Positive outcomes

Finding new brand voices while lowering costs

Billo supplemented Adore Me’s content strategy by:

Streamlining Content Creation: Enabling the brand to rapidly produce new creatives for paid social media platforms.

Discovering Talent: Connecting Adore Me with talented creators, such as Abby Fridman, Alexis Burke, and Jessica Adams, who have become consistent contributors to the brand’s visual content.

Cost Efficiency: Offering a more budget-friendly alternative to traditional influencer marketing without compromising on content quality.

Future plans and recommendations

Building on the success with paid social ads

Adore Me intends to continue its fruitful partnership with Billo, focusing on utilizing the platform for their paid social ads. This ongoing collaboration underscores Billo’s integral role in Adore Me’s marketing strategy and its commitment to leveraging high-quality UGC to drive brand engagement.

Kayla recommends Billo as an efficient and cost-effective solution for companies seeking to expand their content arsenal with high-quality videos. Billo’s platform provides a straightforward pathway to engaging with talented creators, enabling brands like Adore Me to enhance their digital footprint with captivating visual content.

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