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PostPilot is direct mail made for DTC/ecommerce. Our platform makes it a cinch to send one-off and lifecycle postcard marketing campaigns.

Think Klaviyo for postcards.

80% of your customers don’t open your emails or are not subscribed. The iOS update is making Facebook harder than ever to reach your customers while competition is still driving up CPCs & CAC.

PostPilot cuts through the digital clutter. Our individually personalized cards get a nearly 100% read rate and drive predictable ROAS, typically for less than the cost of a click.

Thousands of 7-9 figure customers (mostly Shopify/Shopify Plus stores like Bulletproof, Boom,, Taylor Stitch) consistently achieve 1000%+ ROIs on their campaigns, driving incremental revenue, LTV, and profits.

50% off Pro for 3 months (month-to-month) or 3 months free (on pre-paid annual plans) and a 20% card credit after launching. Just email our friend Ben and mention Billo to claim it! [email protected]

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