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Lingerie brand boosts ROAS and revenue using Billo

Bloomers Intimates adds Billo to fling its stylish, comfortable lingerie brand into unprecedented 400% revenue growth YOY.


revenue growth YOY


ROAS increase using Billo videos


lower CPA


Apparel & Fashion

Performance platforms

TikTok, Meta

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The options for content creators are amazing. You submit a brief and we get at least 40 to 50 respondents. And I'm talking about underwear here, which a lot of people don't want to model! Billo really is a no-brainer.


CEO & Co-Founder, Bloomers Intimates

In the competitive lingerie market, Bloomers Intimates stands out in catering to women’s ever-changing bodies with style and comfort. Yet, with continuous product launches, the brand faced a significant challenge: generating fresh and engaging creative content for their Meta ads campaigns.


Scaling video production fast

The primary challenge for Bloomers Intimates was the rapid production of high-quality, engaging video content to support the launch of new products on social media platforms, particularly Meta. The brand needed dynamic content that could not only showcase their products attractively but also resonate with their target audience, driving engagement and sales.


Ensuring alignment with specific creator instructions 

The integration of Billo into Bloomers Intimates’ marketing strategy initially faced a hiccup – the need for explicit instructions regarding product wear in the reels. This challenge was quickly overcome by specifying in the task descriptions that creators must wear the garments and showcase them correctly. This tweak ensured that the resulting content aligned perfectly with the brand’s vision and advertising needs.

Positive outcomes

Improving ROAS through engaging video ads

Billo has been instrumental in transforming Bloomers Intimates’ approach to digital advertising:

Professional UGC ads: The brand now boasts professional and engaging UGC ads across all campaigns, essential for driving sales.

Significant ROAS improvement: With the introduction of Billo’s reels, Bloomers Intimates saw its Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) more than double, shifting from a ROAS of less than one to an average of two, and sometimes even higher.

Successful launches: Utilizing Billo videos allowed Bloomers Intimates to execute a number of successful launches. A standout success story is the launch of their slip shorts, which, promoted exclusively through Billo ads, sold out within a month.

Future plans and recommendations

Exploring new video concepts 

Bloomers Intimates plans to continue leveraging Billo for creative content, focusing on working with preferred creators and exploring new video concepts to keep their campaigns fresh and engaging. 

Noa Arias wholeheartedly recommends Billo to other companies looking to elevate their marketing campaigns. She emphasizes Billo’s extensive range of creators and expert editors as key to unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

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