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Save Up To $1,500 With Credit Packs

Credit Packs
Best price guarantee

Basic quality

UGC videos with basic lighting, no backdrops
Starts at $59
Price depends on the selected video type and duration.
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Best price guarantee

Premium quality

UGC videos with better lighting, color backdrops
Starts at $89
Price depends on the selected video type and duration.
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Get $75 bonus

Best choice if you plan to order a few videos
Pay $500
Get $575 in value
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Professional - Most popular

Get $200 bonus

Best choice if you need fresh videos on a regular basis
Pay $1,000
Get $1,200 in value
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Get $625 bonus

Best choice if you want to double down on video marketing
Pay $2,500
Get $3,125 in value
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Get $1,500 bonus

Best choice if video marketing is growing your business like crazy
Pay $5,000
Get $6,500 in value
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Why Choose Credit Packs?

Bonus credits up to $1500

The higher your budget, the more bonus you get.

Maximum flexibility

Buy a pack now and order videos whenever you want (credits valid for 1 year).

30-days money back guarantee

Get your money back if we don’t find the right creator for you.

Dedicated Video Project Manager

Get brief suggestions, help with creators, quality assurance, and priority support. Included only in $1k pack and above


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Frequently asked questions

Why credit packs?2022-08-25T21:57:16+00:00

Credit packs are a way to get more videos and pay less. The more you buy, the more you get. For example, pay $2500 for Credit Pack 3 and get $625 ($3125 in total) worth of credits!

How do credit packs work?2022-08-25T21:58:37+00:00

Once a credit pack is purchased, 100% discount code will be issued which must be used at every purchase on Billo until you run out of credits.

What can credit packs be used for?2022-08-25T21:58:58+00:00

You can use credit packs for any order on Billo.

How can I buy credits?2022-08-25T21:59:41+00:00

Choose a credit pack and complete the payment. Once the payment is received our team will be in touch with within a day for further steps and instructions.

Do credits auto-renew?2022-08-25T21:59:59+00:00

No, they don’t auto-renew – just buy more when you need them.

Do credits expire?2022-08-25T22:00:17+00:00

You can use your credits for 1 year from the day of purchase.

Where can I see my credit balance?2022-08-25T22:00:36+00:00

A post-purchase e-mail notification will be sent to you displaying an outstanding credit balance.

Can I get a smaller custom pack?2022-08-25T22:01:16+00:00

The very smallest pack is 500 USD. If you need something in between other packs – please ping us at [email protected] and we’ll find the best possible solution for you.

What if I’m not sure which pack is the best for me or I have other questions?2022-08-25T22:01:51+00:00

Please ping us at [email protected] and we’ll guide you through our past experiences with similar companies, analyse your exact situation and come up with the best possible solution.

Are unused credits refundable?2022-08-25T22:02:11+00:00


Can I apply several promo codes to my video order?2022-12-05T13:17:51+00:00

No, you can not combine several discounts on one order.