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I’m a 7 figure 26 year old entrepreneur sharing and documenting my journey across almost every single social media platform. I post content on, but not limited to, E- Commerce, Dropshipping, Personal Finance, Travel Tips, + many more.

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I’m a 7 figure 26 year old entrepreneur sharing and documenting my journey across almost every single social media platform. I post content on, but not limited to, E- Commerce, Dropshipping, Personal Finance, Travel Tips, + many more.

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Raana Kashani Gregg, Founder of Lunaescent

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Gianmarco Meli, Founder of Airmax

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Chelsea Sayegh, Brand Manager at Peejamas

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Health & Fitness

With Billo's unique platform I found good creators at an affordable price

EnergyBud hires Billo creators to create video content for their extra-large, motivational water bottle.

Gideon Goldring, Ceo at Energybud

Using videos from Billo has been game-changing for me

Customer education is really important. I 100% recommend Billo if you have a product-based company, and you need explainer videos on how to use everything that you’re selling.

Evonna S. Kuehne, Founder, ANOVÉ

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Frequently asked questions

Why credit packs?2022-08-25T21:57:16+00:00

Credit packs are a way to get more videos and pay less. The more you buy, the more you get. For example, pay $2500 for Credit Pack 3 and get $625 ($3125 in total) worth of credits!

How do credit packs work?2022-08-25T21:58:37+00:00

Once a credit pack is purchased, 100% discount code will be issued which must be used at every purchase on Billo until you run out of credits.

What can credit packs be used for?2022-08-25T21:58:58+00:00

You can use credit packs for any order on Billo.

How can I buy credits?2022-08-25T21:59:41+00:00

Choose a credit pack and complete the payment. Once the payment is received our team will be in touch with within a day for further steps and instructions.

Do credits auto-renew?2022-08-25T21:59:59+00:00

No, they don’t auto-renew – just buy more when you need them.

Do credits expire?2022-08-25T22:00:17+00:00

You can use your credits for 1 year from the day of purchase.

Where can I see my credit balance?2022-08-25T22:00:36+00:00

A post-purchase e-mail notification will be sent to you displaying an outstanding credit balance.

Can I get a smaller custom pack?2022-08-25T22:01:16+00:00

The very smallest pack is 500 USD. If you need something in between other packs – please ping us at [email protected] and we’ll find the best possible solution for you.

What if I’m not sure which pack is the best for me or I have other questions?2022-08-25T22:01:51+00:00

Please ping us at [email protected] and we’ll guide you through our past experiences with similar companies, analyse your exact situation and come up with the best possible solution.

Are unused credits refundable?2022-08-25T22:02:11+00:00


Can I apply several promo codes to my video order?2022-12-05T13:17:51+00:00

No, you can not combine several discounts on one order.