User Generated Content: Stay One Step Ahead And Skyrocket Your Sales

Tadas Deksnys, CEO at Billo
June 16, 2020

When it comes to choosing a brand, who do you trust more as a reliable source: the brand itself or a fellow consumer, who already uses its products?

It is a well-known fact that nowadays we’re more likely to turn to friends and family for recommendations about a specific product or a brand, because we already trust their judgment. That is the main idea behind UGC (User Generated Content) – it helps to create a trustworthy relationship between the brand and the consumer making their experience with the product the center of attention.

Is User Generated Content Worth The Effort?

The beauty of simplicity – UGC transforms storytelling and turns your most loyal customers into passionate brand promoters, who will not only spread the word about your product but most importantly boost up your sales.

A report from Stackla claims 79 % of people state that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions, while only 13% say content from a brand is impactful and a mere 8% say influencer-created content would highly impact their purchasing decisions.

As an example, one of the best well-known brands in the world – Toyota – ran a six-week UGC Facebook Ads campaign, called “Feeling the Street” to celebrate the world’s best street performers. The result? They boosted their Facebook Ads engagement by 440%.

So that pretty much answers the question of why you shouldn’t miss out on a great opportunity to easily connect with your most loyal brand fans and find new prospective customers. Now let’s talk about a more direct approach.

A New High – User Generated Videos

Over the past few years, video content has started taking over—and it’s clear why. They not only stimulate both the visual and auditory senses but also pack an immense amount of information into a short time span. Videos also provide entertainment and are considered to be a powerful tool in online advertisement, such as Facebook Video Ads.

With user-generated videos, each consumer is a unique character, who offers an original and most importantly a personal perspective.

Product Review Video From Billo Platform

What’s In It For The Brand?

Cost Efficiency

It is considerably cheaper than investing thousands for in-house studio created content, which to the consumer often looks forced and not organic. The allure of user-generated videos is that the users run the show, while marketers don’t have to empty out their pockets on something that may or may not perform well.

For example, this mouth-watering brand-user made UGC video from Billo platform costs only $59!

Social Proof

The content is created by individual and independent users, so it’s easier for the general public to trust that the brand message is sincere. Especially considering that 70% of consumers trust other users over businesses. Video content is especially effective here because it’s raw, authentic and makes a compelling argument for products or services.

Sales Booster

Genuine word of mouth through personalized video content can be extremely influential and result not only in an increase of brand image but also in sales’ boost. Ecovacs case study shows that the brand increased sales through Facebook Ads campaigns, applying user generated videos.

Butternut Box – Gains Social Proof by User Reviews & Videos

Brand Visibility

When people watch customer video testimonials about certain products, it gives them extra motivation to buy and try it for themselves. Their doubts and skepticism about the brand can be cleared in seconds, just by seeing someone use the product and hearing a positive experience. Using consumer-created videos for your Facebook ads is one of the answers to the big question of how to grow on social media.

High Engagement Rate

User-generated videos are fun, easy, organic and make people want to want to know more about the product like no other media. According to Comscore’s study, ads with user-generated product videos had on average a 28% higher engagement rate, in comparison to in-house only produced videos.

Nike – Incredible Engagement Rate with UGC Video

Ready? Set? Generate!

In this day and age, where users are becoming independent brand advertisers, UGC is the king and video content is the ultimate choice for a successful advertising campaign.

Cracking user-generated content is not that complicated – you just have to let your audience share their experiences with the world making them the center of it all using creative video content. Then use the content for your Facebook advertising campaigns, to boost up sales.

Being a marketer, if you are not keeping up with the changing tides, your brand will be left out in the cold. So keep up with the shifting trends and let your users lead the way!

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