Blog Video Marketing Why do you need a testimonial video?

Why do you need a testimonial video?

Why do you need a testimonial video?
Joe Tobin
Why do you need a testimonial video?
Joe Tobin

After bouncing around tech start-ups and university literature programs, Joe has finally settled down as Billo’s Head of Content. Joe now spends his days writing ads about ads, teaching clients how to craft killer content, and combing through our web copy with a bold red Sharpie.

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What is the hype about customer testimonial videos, and why is it becoming so popular that everybody wants or needs one? The question is, are testimonial videos really worth it, and do people trust them more than other types of videos? Do they really want to see customer testimonials? The short answer is yes!

Take a closer look at the how and why of testimonial videos and why you need one for exposing your business online. There are many videos online, so we need to know how to make a good testimonial video to reach the target audience.

People ask many questions, such as how to make one and how to post them online, and what it will cost. Don’t worry; all those questions will be answered. Just keep reading to find your answers.

What Is a Testimonial Video

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This video is all about feedback and praise for a company by a satisfied customer who tells their story of how pleased they are. It is a concise video of how products from a company improved their lives and how that solved their problem.

The customer may also explain who they are and talk about the overall experience they had with a company and its products or services. The customer will also tell you how satisfied they are with the products and services and what else they like about the company.

With the best customer testimonial video, these are everyday people who had a real-life experience with the company in everyday life. The simplicity of a video testimonial makes it a very powerful marketing tool to convince potential customers to use their services.

In short, this is just a video where a custom brings praise to a company and why they enjoy their services and products. As you can see, it is the same as sitting with a friend telling you about a product they use.

The only difference between this video and person-to-person testimonials is the huge potential of the many viewers that can see and hear it.

What Should Be On a Customer Testimonial Video

To make your testimonial video a simple but powerful marketing tool, you need to have the right content in the video. Look at the list of tips and essentials that should be on your video to make the best impact on potential customers.

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  • Be Authentic

By authentic, we simply mean that your short film should have actual real customers in them and not just an actor. This is very important to build trust between you and the potential customer you are trying to persuade to use your products.

You must find an actual happy customer who used your products to go on video and talk about their experience. You should never ask a friend or hire someone to come and tell a fake story about your company; it may cause harm.

Surveys show that most people do not trust the videos with actors or influencers to promote products online. To successfully persuade people to make a decision, you need to have social proof in the form of a real customer.

  • Put the Customer At Ease

To make the customer speak their heart in front of a camera, you need to put them at ease so that they are relaxed. Not everybody is comfortable in front of a camera, so you need to ask the right questions to make them feel comfortable.

As soon as the customer feels better and is relaxed, you can ask the right questions, and they will answer honestly. The audience will listen to a customer’s testimonial that looks and feels authentic to make a purchase decision.

It is up to you to make sure that the customer looks natural and at ease for your video to succeed. A real happy customer will also make the audience and potential customers trust your company and its services.

Some of the right questions to ask the customer are what they experienced with the product or service when using it. Another good question to address would be the result and how the product made their lives easier or improved.

  • A Reliable Editor and Editing Tools

Having a good editor with the right editing tools will make your video editing so much easier. This will help make the customer testimonial video good enough to make sense and convey the right message to the audience you want to reach.

This also comes down to the difference between a good and bad testimonial video that will drive away future customers. The editor should also take a long interview video and change it into a short, to-the-point video with just the right content.

Everything must be narrowed down to the core message and what you want potential customers to know about your brand. So for a powerful marketing tool to build customer trust, you need to have the testimonial video been done right.

How Long Should Testimonial Videos Be

For your testimonial video to effectively bring the core message to the viewer, it needs to be short and to the point.

Quick and easy-to-understand facts and ideas should be conveyed to the customer to pique their interest with actual facts and necessary information.

The video can be as short as only 30 seconds but should not be longer than 90 seconds.

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  • The Intro

The intro should be short and must connect instantly with the viewers to introduce the brand or the company. As soon as they know who you are, they will start to listen to the message you want to bring to them.

A short, powerful introduction will also be an excellent way to build the potential customer’s trust. Do not lose the customer with a lengthy introduction that will allow them to drift off and get bored with too much information.

For this, you need less than thirty seconds, or else the viewers will get bored, and you will lose them.

  • Seize Their Attention

If the video does not grab their attention and interest, you will lose the customer, so you need to be short and sweet. The testimonial should also be to the point and bring immediate appeal to the brand or the company.

As mentioned before, the customer in front of your camera should brag about your company or brand. This is the moment of glory, so you need to show off your brand or company with a short, powerful testimony.

This part of the video should take under a minute, but the ideal time slot should be around 30 seconds.

  • Influence the Viewer’s Final Decision

The final part should contain a little more information about the brand or business but just enough to keep their interest. Essential information about easy and quick ways how and where they can contact you should be included in this part.

The video’s conclusion is essential, and you should end it with crucial information and a final call to react. Remind them of the importance of the final decision and the benefits if they act favorably to your brand and enjoy it.

Why Video Testimonials Work

There are many reasons why a video testimonial will work and improve the overall image of your brand and business. Take a look at some of the benefits that a testimonial video can bring to your company if you use it as a marketing tool.

Here’s why they work:

  • They Improve Brand Trust

With a good quality video testimonial, you can improve the overall image of your company to make people trust your brand. It will also, at the same time, bring the person closer to an in-store shopping experience right there in their homes.

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They can also easily be shared with friends and family, and this broadens your viewer base much faster. It is also easy to share the video in groups on most social media platforms where people will see them.

Familiarity brings trust, and that is what you want for your business and your brand to convince future customers to buy.

  • It Makes Sales Much Easier

To have easy sales is any business owner’s dream, and that is what you get with a good testimonial video. Customers can easily comment on your videos, and these are also authentic testimonials for your company and are free of charge.

Video testimonials can easily convert customers, and this will increase income which will bring more happy supporters and more unforced testimonials. Additionally, they will take the hard work of advertising online out of marketing with easy potential sales.

Another benefit is that your video will keep on selling your brand online long after you created it.

  • They Are Easy To Share

People love videos, and if they enjoy the video, they will share them all over the social media platforms without a second thought. The easy and quick sharing will increase the exposure for your brand or business, which will reach potential buyers.

Social media videos enjoy far more shares and likes than text and even photos. Because it is an easy and little time-consuming action, these short videos will be viewed by far more people all around the world.

Prospective customers will easily recognize their favorite brands on these fun videos and view, share, and like them more often. Customer feedback is important for prospective buyers.

  • It Evokes Emotion

Watching any of the best customer testimonial videos will be easy to associate with them because of the emotion it evokes. People will easily laugh with a customer or feel sad with them while watching a testimonial video.

The beauty of these videos is that you can easily see where the review comes from and provides an emotional connection. While watching the video, you can empathize with the storyteller and experience their experiences with them.

Why do you need a testimonial video?

An emotional response is always a good way to make the viewers trust your product and convince them to become part of the family. Customer testimonials are great for evoking emotions if they come across as sincere.

  • They Are Cost-Effective

The cost of marketing campaigns can become a major part of any company’s budget, but this can be minimized with these videos. Good customer testimonial videos are short and sweet and will cost a fraction of the price of a standard long marketing video.

Video testimonials also require minimal equipment, and installation will be easy and not so costly. Because they will result in word-of-mouth marketing and are easy to share socially, a testimonial video will pay for itself many times over.

How To Make a Testimonial Video

Let’s see how to make a testimonial video without too much effort from your side to have it ready for social media. Follow the steps, and you will be able to improve your image and brand online without it costing you your company.

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  • Step 1: Do Not Write a Script

You need your testimonial video to be authentic and natural, so you do not need to write a script for the customer. A script will just take away the social proof you need from a real happy customer to tell their story.

  • Step 2: Ask the Right Questions

This cannot be emphasized enough. Have your questions ready beforehand and ask the right questions to evoke the right responses. This will include the customer’s personal experience and how it affected and improved their lives.

  • Step 3: Share the Story

Your happy customer must be relaxed, and at ease in front of the cameras, so they will share their experience with the audience naturally.

  • Step 4: Find the Perfect Location

You need to find the right location to shoot the video to make it look authentic; a dead wall behind the customer is not an option. There must be some depth behind the customer; their natural environment will be a good starting point.

  • Step 5: Results Is Key

You must focus, as mentioned before, on only the facts and results you want to achieve with the video. A short introduction with a powerful story and an enticing conclusion convinces potential customers to act.


It is of utmost importance that you find yourself a good videographer that is at least a little bit professional. You want your video to be good enough to share around the world on social media.

Look at the Billo to make it much easier for you to create video content at a fraction of the cost and very easy.

Why do you need a testimonial video?


It is not rocket science to make a testimonial video. However, you still need that little bit of professionalism for a good authentic video.

Look for a happy customer with natural charisma to tell their story about your business and brand. If you’re struggling with ideas, browse the internet for customer testimonial video examples to get inspired.

Hopefully, this will answer your questions and inspire you to go ahead and try your hand at making a good testimonial video for your brand.

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